Another casino session coming

Hello , I had a laptop that I did not use often so I decided to sell them , luckily sold it at good price ,

so why not try another session with upgraded Acrobat 5 ,

my plan is to at least set 12-12 spin on cw aw , see what happens

starting unit 300 =?

hopefully ball jumps wouldn’t be random as last week

Mate that doesn’t sound right.

It looks as sold laptop to play again? What happened to few thousands units profit from before?

How did you decided about 12 + 12 spins?

I believe in set should never be more than 1/3 in total.
If you set 12 and for that direction is 20 then created 8 spins never can overpower set spins.
Even with activated fast menu 7 clicks you will never get more than 8 spins used to predict.

That may be the case if you have had bad luck and to many missed by 1-2 pockets but if they are so widely distributed then there is not much to hope. Why don’t you play same wheel where it was OK.

Forester I mean 12 spin for cw and another 12 spin for acw way ,

well guess that , 300= 2,700 end session today ,

ball jump stable , sometime random but had 10/6 prediction

I was almost very greedy , totally can tell I could won more than that let say 10k I could do it no joke ,

but people were focused on me so I gave 50 unit tip to the dealer and left with 2650

Acrobat 5 , amazing , special thank to Forester ,

I saved previous win did not want to use it until I get some money from work , but I had laptop that I did not use I listed on eBay for a month but it got sold some how , so I had free money so I had a go ,


Nice. Did you play on the same wheel as the last play? And are you using FFV or FFZ?

You made me worry when you said that you sold Laptop and going to play. I thought " Oh please not another one who just wants to gamble and believe RC is a miracle. But if you saved previous wins it’s ok.

Still I believe you don’t need 12 and 12 spins, but then If you not adding much new spins it might be ok. Anyway adding new spins is not fully tested so if there is not change on the wheel maybe it is better. Then just be careful ir Rzaps change.

I use FFz but will buy ffv as well

Haha , right , to be honest the first time I played with ffz then time goes on I understand how to ffz , only when chance come , pretty hard to contorl the mind but now o think I can do it haha

Were you Ok with new way of setting the diamond in setup mode.
I still make 3 fast clicks for D12 but lucky it doesn’t matter. It is hard to change it after so many years.

By the way if you are OK with FFZ and foot clocking I wouldn’t swap it for FFV.

infact i do not use FFZ with my toe …haha i use with my finger but i put them in my pocket make a hole for the wire in the pocket so i stick ffz with my leg then i click in my pocket , this makes it much easier , but sometime the wire gets disconnect alot when i walk around , so maybe using ffv by itself might be easier for me …

btw what are the main changes , i read the new introdcution but i didnt see major changes but shortcuts ,

i still set up in menu 1 like - if the ball dropped at 3oclock i hold and wait for 3 zap , if its 9 hold for 9 zap …etc

i know the defalt is 12

is this wrong approch ?

Yes that happens sometimes and it is annoying. Sometimes i put a type on top or chewinggum.

I am thinking to change the plugs to JST, it locks.

Roulette computer Switch

It is good, probably it is easier for you to change than for someone who was doing it for years on the Acrobat 4 way.

Jst plug is amazing idea, yeah I should try to ise bluetek if can ,

Still want ffv if its availbile:)


In years gone by I had good success by taping the switch to the inside of my trouser leg on the front of the thigh using grey duct tape and so I could press the switch through my trousers which is not as suspicious as always having your hand in your pocket.


I recommend this. Having your hands in your pocket all the time or every time the ball is spinning will raise suspicions. The casino is equipped with cameras.

You can put the switch in your pocket and also click the switch from outside your trousers. But foot clocking is better idea

thats what i do mainly :slight_smile:

excatly same method I use, grear hear have someone else using this method as well, in this way we can easily clock with accurate time,

how has your session been havnt hear from you for long

I have not been playing much for the last year firstly because my local Casino changed from using John Huxley wheels to using Cammegh 360 Garnite track wheels with the hard 18mm Ivorine balls.

Still have access to one Huxley running on a Rapid Roulette machine where I play VB but with a compliant Government it will not be long before they totally kill the game by introducing Random Speed wheels and so I have gone elsewhere for my income. Betfair and the Forex market provide much more lucrative returns.