Analysis of bias wheel data chi square

Assume you found a wheel, where you spot factors that make it appear biased in a section.

you start collecting data and fair enough those numbers appear to fall more often.
Entered in RA software I get 3+SD on the biased chart after 200 spins.

now looking at the chi square test.
if I interpreted the instructions on this math site(HMD 436) correctly then i need to compare all numbers that have fallen and assume its a random wheel. If CHI square is very high or p% very low then biased becomes more and more likely.

my question is do you guys even use the chi square analysis and if so what is the bench mark you personally want to have minimum.

obviously more chi square and SD is always better but at least a ball park answer would be helpful.

thak you

and yes i know 200 spins is not a lot, but the point is to not collect 10k spins every wheel random, but to analyse along the way to see if further investigation seems worth pursuing so i focus on scouting that matters

thank you

I still not saw a such wheel on which the chi-square test can help… Must be very much data and in very similar conditions… if not - the worth of such a test will be minimal…
At all looking for bias by solving chi-square tests looks to me stupid. For bias are reasons and much easier is to look for these reasons than collect thousand spins data on hundreds of wheels…
For those who can’t detect reasons - such tests will not help…
The player must look for correlations and follow the logic, that is maybe the only way to winnings…