Amount to bet on a table

Has anyone thought about how much to bet without getting discovered? Assume the casino has a avergae wager of 300usd per spin, and every hour there are 30spins, single 0 is 2.7%house edge, the table makes 9000x0.027=243usd per hour. Assume the table has 16 hours a day with customers, it is 243x16=3888usd/day. Lets say if you make 1000usd which is around 1/4 of the expexted winning of that casino table a day, seems like the casino would not be noiticing you for quite a while, maybe up to a year or 2.

If you do happen to have a back up wheel and back up casino, then you can last very long. Lets say you have 4 wheels in your local area which is betable, making mabe 4k a day and 120k a month is possible for a team of 2 or 3.

Another method is to max out the table, act as a rich gambler, play 2 to 3 days just like the ritz team. Making 1million in 2-3 days. However, a bit of work is needed such as acquiring some fake RM watches, some designer clothes, and the way a gambler act. This method only works if you are willing to travel and not afraid of getting banned