American roulette

I’m a professional engineer/mathematician/scientist, and long time Shannon & Thorpe fan, learned how to do card counting (though not much stamina at that yet), just getting into roulette now. I already have quite a bit of money and am used to taking large risks and having wild swings in my net assets, thanks to Bitcoin and stock market, I just don’t want to rely on those keeping going up. I’m trying to establish a reliable and easy income. I was actually thinking of making my own roulette computer, but it appears that Forester’s computer would be well worth it, since it appears to give a much better edge than card counting Blackjack, when used correctly. And I could always come back to making my own.

Most or all of the videos and pictures I’ve seen on this site are of European roulette wheels. I wanted advice on which of Forester’s computers (FFZ, FFA, FFV) are best for use on American roulette wheels which include the extra “00” green. I realize that its a much worse game, but my goal is to dwarf the casino’s edge, so convenience of locality would help. Also does the Acrobat software have to be purchased separately? I think I would lean away from FFA because ear pieces and induction loops are likely to be discovered. But there is an FFZ Acrobat?

Also, I would like the ability to reprogram unit repeatedly, so I can travel. Also, preferably to save old settings, so I can rotate through different wheels and just reload calibrations. Does Acrobat give that capability?

Given these objectives, what would you suggest?

Lern vb… vith comp in us you, probably gonna go to preason…

Hello, and welcome to forum,

Talking computers must have numbers as they are on the wheel and must always clock rotor on #0. Same for FFA and it has EU and US numbers.
FFZ and FFV work on a different way, there is no need to wait 0 comes to the particular position but the rotor can be clocked at any position. Also for them is irrelevant order of numbers or how many numbers is there they predict by positions.

There is no FFV’s left, I hardly managed to find one to send to guy who has 3 of them and because of to much use he damaged programming pads.

All upgrades are for free and you can simply install them. You can also save sets or use different programs.

If you are OK with programing you can also write in C your own program for the FF. All you need is functions for how to check times and how to send outputs.

Well I placed one order for the FFZ-Acrobat. It may look like I tried to buy 3 (inventory fell from 13 to 10), but that’s just because the system didn’t process the payment until the third try. I think it was a currency conversion issue with Paypal, among other things, but who knows. You may want to clear those dead orders from your system somehow.

Thanks for letting me know, but it is not shop as a shop selling thousands of items where it may be important.
In general when I see there is no more boards for the system then i care more.