Am I Headed in the Right Direction?

I’ve just recently started to really read up on advantage play…in particular, VB. I’m going to type out below the things I would do upon arriving at the casino in the order I would do them. Then, after that, I ask a couple of questions (and your answers would be extremely helpful and appreciated).

So, I arrive at the casino. The first thing I do is look for wheels that show characteristics that might say to me “that wheel might have some sort of bias”. For this example lets say I find one.

Next, I begin to track spins to see if the wheel has a DD or at least a dominant drop zone (a quarter or at least half of the wheel). Again, lets say for this example I find that as well.

Now, I begin to determine what the key revolution is.

QUESTION: From what I’ve read, I understand the “key revolution” to be the revolution that tells me “hey, that ball is going to drop from the track in X seconds when it hits the DD”. If it does fall from the track in X seconds because it hit the DD, then I have determined the key revolution. Am I correct…or is that not even close to what a key revolution is?

Alright, now that I’ve determined the key revolution (if I am correct in everything I’ve said above) I now note the number directly under the DD on the key revolution. Then, I see where the ball finally comes to rest (and I see how accurate my predictions are).

Obviously, my predictions would change based on what speed the rotor is rotating at and I would make adjustments accordingly. But, basically, is what I’ve said up until this point at least sort of accurate?

u must use the predicted number as an indication to the final number and do adjastments to that…

Yes basically that’s what VB is

Here is some more,531.0.html

And do not worry what I have said since it may discourage you. :stuck_out_tongue: