Almost watched roulette from the other side

:o On Monday morning I almost departed this World. I went one on with an 18 wheeler truck needless to say my Ford Ranger wasn’t much of a match! Well I am ok although very bruised chest and a head full of glass and cuts but I still am here. :slight_smile:

Hey Toxic

Very glad to hear you survivied that very nasty prang!

Hope you fully recover soon.



Take care!

:wink: Thanks guys. Except for my chest I’m pretty ok. When I lie down it takes like 5 minutes to get up again! I know one thing. I 2as extremely lucky. Cheers

Toxic, they don’t have roulette in paradise. . Stay around. And wellcome back.

My God!!! Drive carefully friend - I’m so sorry also, glad to see you back here again but be carefull!! :frowning: :frowning:

if could help with smth. you’re welcome

welcome back to the darkside my freind

im sure we will all agree he was a lucky TRUCKER!!

get well soon my freind

Your mate Bruce

Get well soon Toxic …