Albert Einstein Said You Cannot Beat The Roulette Table But I Can

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Winning at Roulette was Really Difficult at First. It was Almost Impossible for me to Master How to do it Without Proper Step by Step Tutorial From the Professional Experts.

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I Wished That Someone had showed Me This When I was First Learning how to Win at Roulette. That Would Have Saved Me Hours and Hours of Banging my Head on The Wall Trying Difficult Methods out.

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Hope This Helps


I have been playing roulette for almost 60 years and your You Tube video is the greatest load of rubbish I have ever seen.

Your post on this fair dinkum valuable web site is ridiculous please go away and do not waste our time.


I appreciate your opinion but just calling it “rubbish” without telling how is not of value to me.

Furthermore. Your fast response shows that you have not even tried it. Which also tells me that your opinion in of itself is “rubbish”

Which youtube video?

Looks like he has removed it? No loss just a total time waster.


I removed it and silenced him :grinning: