Adrian Buzan SCAM Warning,,,, Regele Ruletei

I am reporting Adrian Buzan roulette scam. I give more information on good roulette websites and scam report websites. He use many names like Armand Adrian Buzan or Buzan Adrian. Sometimes use buzan adrian viorel.

The victim website for victims is Adrian Buzan web address is adrianbuzanscam .com

I explain already he stabbed and almost kill one customer who ask for refund. Now I explain how the scam operates.

First Buzan Adrian advertise with many youtube videos. Some is him talking all bullshits and some is his winning sessions in online casino. He never show losing games. He say he 100% never lose roulette and customer can do also if they pay him for system.

There is 10 maybe more youtube accounts he is using. Youtube keep terminate his accounts because is spam and scam policy.

There is many scam websites he use like

Regeleruletei .ro
Regrul .com
Beatroulettecourse .com
Roulettehowtowin .com
Adrianbuzan .com

Some is website for all videos that youtube already delete I think adrianbuzan .com is main scam website.

First he try and make you buy cheaper system. He says they are 100% working all the time and never lose for a month. Then he say the system stop working and you must pay him more to keep system working.

This is a lie because all systems is scams and he knows his system lose also. So he make excuse when you start lose it must be because you never pay him yet for expensive system like DVD Anatomy of Roulette for €5000.

He say when you pay for DVD Anatomy of Roulette for €5000 system we never stop winning for life. We find this system lose also.

The next step is when you complain,
he threaten us to never talk bad on internet about his system and he called us names to say we must be stupid and the problem why system lose.

He tells us then we must let him play in our casino account
for online roulette. He demand 50% of profit if he win. If he lose then we get nothing and must accept loss. He says this never happen anyway because he wins 100% time. This is another lie. We find other people in internet with same things happen and he LOSE money in their account. Then he make excuses for the losing like he was tired and make mistakes. Still no refund for money of he lost customers or more like scam victims.

The system is not 100% win all the time like Adrian Buzan scam say on his website scams. It is very bad system to chase number who repeat using guttracker software he get from vls roulette forum free. He call this software chinese software and in his video youtube he cover real software name to make look like he is owner of software. When you get software you find real name is not chinese software is gutracker from alarian on vls forum roulette.

When you lose after hot number come, then you keep make bigger bets until target win. If you have loss run then you lose everything. The excuse from Armand Adrian Buzan is like casino maybe must change the algorithm for rng. Is just more lies.

Instead of help angry customer Buzan Adrian is threaten them to not talk about his system scam and he never gives the refund he says on website. Now is 7 of us want refunds and he is threaten us to not talk bad about his scam. We report on many scam report website and he threaten the web admins for remove them and succeed at sometimes. We still have much more page to explain this scam and stop him from getting more victims.

Already we put lots of pages to warn people this is a scam system. Now most important is we keep complaining to youtube because he keep putting new videos to scam people. To help you can go to youtube and search andrian buzan and report his videos for being a scam. We already delete many of his channel but he make many more.

Please help us to remove this cam from internet. I buy many roulette system and all are scam. I think any system for selling is all scam and there is no working system. This romanian scam is worst one and even Adrian this scammer stab and nearly kill one angry customer who demand refund. Adrian never give refund 100% like he say on website for 6 months man is losing so he must then visit to Adrian in apartment. Instead of refund then Buzan stab man almost kill him is all on news website.