Adelaide Sky City Casino Report


Flew in to check out this Casino yesterday and found it ideally suited to the Forest Fib.

They have 12 tables plus a NovaTouch electronic roulette with 27 terminals and all using relatively new Cammegh wheels with small balls. The number display marque on this wheel had the last 16 results and on the tables the last 19 results displayed with the occasional error. I did not see one “roller” on any wheel.

The best thing about the terminals is that they are in two rows with the wheel jammed in between and the end four terminals look directly down onto the wheel with less than one metre from your eye to the wheel. The wheel was tilted to the point in the 50 spins I clocked the drop off point was 100% in the 180 degree arc between the 3 oclock and 9 oclock position with half of them hitting the vertical diamond at 6 oclock. There are four vertical and four horizontal diamonds. They reverse the spin directions every spin but the drop off point didn’t seem to change.

On the terminals they call NMB with 4 ball revolutions to go and occasionally it was only three. The bets on the terminals are in units of $1 but you must outlay $5 minimum per spin.

The other wheels are on tables in groups of four, two left handed and two right handed. On Sunday night they had 8 tables operating and at 10:00am Monday morning only two tables running. These tables are a mixture of $2.50 and $5 minimums with $50 maximum straight up on numbers and $500 on even money chances.

There didn’t seem to be any biased wheels although several of these tables also seemed to have tilted wheels.

I played for several hours and found half a dozen perfect RWD type hot numbers and every one of them showed for the magic fourth time and paid me enough to cover my expenses plus a profit on the trip.

Well worth a visit with or without a Forest Fib even though the Casino is grotty and there were no restaurants open on a Sunday.

Keep winning


I think you are missing boys club, or you are simply upset with Sky City Casino and want to tease them. After this post someone will work overtime :slight_smile:


I hope its you working overtime, the set up is perfect for a plunge.

I’m certainly not upset with them, the barman was from Tasmania and they stock Boags beer and I’ve got the money still in my wallet and I’m back home. See you there soon.



hey mike, this was good trip by the sounds of it

any idea about rotor speeds in general with so many tilts should be worth a visit

is the casino 24 /7


Rotor speeds were very consistent and average Australian speeds.

I think the tables close from 04:00 - 08:00 but could be wrong.

The Terminals were closed when I popped in after breakfast and I’m not sure what time they re-opened.



Hello Mike,

Please forgive my ignorance but could you please explain what a RWD hot number is? Is this from a numerical strategy from a book?

Thanks for your help and info.



I have provided details at…

however unfortunately I put a typo into the name which should be Roy Ward Dickson that is RWD! Funnily enough I don’t seem to be able to edit the message to correct the error?

I still believe this is one of the best systems ever developed and I have used it with a couple of small modifications/improvements for many years with good success.