Accurate Switch

Hi Forester,

For starters, I got to say that this is the most serious RC site (most of the other sites’ are all ads and no data). However, I have to say that as an AP (not in roulette, yet), I’d prefer there would be no sites at all (public info is a game killer, albeit a slow one).

I’m researching the whole idea of RC, and I was wonder what kind of switch do you use in your RC? I have tested most push buttons in the electronics market with a simple microcontroller and I am not satisfied with their feel and accuracy.

Switches the FF use is dust prove and low in debouncing time but, debouncing is also controlled with software .

An alternative option is ABC roulette clocking switch that one guy form EU makes for FF roulette computers users.

He travels a lot so sometimes is hard to get in contact with him.

Thanks for the quick reply.

This switch abc makes is for toe. I’m looking for a finger switch. Are the switches of the FF some standard component or you manufactured them yourself?