About Roulette Computer

Hi Forester,

I am interested in the roulette computer…

Are you selling one of them?

Just go to the shop and choose what you want

If you’re looking for used. I don’t think there is at the moment

Thxs, but before i decide to purchase one… can someone tell or show me if it really works? and how to operate it…


That made Laugh,when i really wake up

ill answer you :-* :-* :-* :-*

ok,watch the videos here on the forum,

Hey securityman,

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Hey guys I have a question. Do the roulette computers come with instruction manuals. Also when I’m only myrulet.com to buy FFZ, it’s not really clear what the differences are with the old and new software. I’m just looking for an FFZ that will do leveled wheel predictions. Is it better to get the new software. Also what’s the “R5A” stand for. thanks guys

@graywolf take a look at this FFa-u

@Holyman lets try that again,whats up with msn atm I really dont know,is the problem on your side

@benmarl yes instruction are here at the forum,only owners can see these section where the instructions are kept

flexibility ,clcoking the rotor and ball at ANY place the player wishes is one main feature,player gets zap when ball is over the number at ANY point of the spin

or player recieves zap when number is under clcoking diamond,or double zap for invereted predcition

ofcource the FFa does it all by audio,personal preference is a must forester trys to cater for all needs

In general forester and the team listen to what is happening out on the gambling floor from seasoned members,listening to there needs and to the constant change of the casino floor ,new wheels,security isues, ball types ,decelaration of the ball, ball scatter/behaviour,and that just to metion a few points

the input from the players is vital to forester and the deveopment team( all particapating owners of the FF and some highly respected members are the dvelopemt team)

without this feedback there would be no FF as we know it today

it also helps, that forester himself is an active player,

remeber this is no GOLDEN LAYING GOOSE…too beat roulette takes hard work, knowledge and a true understanding of how the casino enviroment behaves,and a good sound knowledge of the behaviour of your or any particular wheel you encounter

geeez i got on my soap box there,but all true Men,


regards Secman

Oh no, it works fine now. Remember we talked on msn? I posted that over a month ago.