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Hi all, I can not understand how all of you can speak well of Forestry, I have read in various forums that forest and is only to water holes, its system and obsolete, and although his style at being an expert in this is for me and just smoke and mirrors, mostly 'he considers the other vendors as stupid with ineffective programs, he believes to be the absolute and supreme leader in this work, dear fore learns that no one can judge someone unless you have evidence in your hands or shut up is best for your personal dignity, I have seen many sites around the system to win at roulette, and for me what seems apparent effectiveness IS TO JAFCO, I want to stress that knows JAFCO BUT I HAVE SEEN HER VIDEOS ARE REAL AND NOT CUT as you say, speaks only of envy and nothing more, even if you publish THEORIES THAT MIGHT BE CORRECT APPARENTLY IN REALITY SHOW IS ONLY THEORY AND THEN ENOUGH, YOU WILL FIND THE LINKS BELOW TO TALK ABOUT FORE THAT personalmete ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS ONLY WRITE ON THE BATTLEFIELD BUT THAT IS LESS THAN ZERO AND MY OPINION AND DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO MY IDEAS dont try to banner my message



Judge for yourself!!!

dear forester if you want to make a intelligente comment you are welcome !!!


1st of all u must do something with ur english because someone will understand the 60% of what u are trying to say by reading ur post at least 4 times.

Forester is a little aggresive in his behaviour sometimes …thats is something that almost everyone knows it…but he isn t getting agressive for nothing…most of the times he is right to what he is explaining.

The only think i really know for sure is that his products really works because i have 1 of them.


you are the lawyer of forester ? also you must to answer about my post not about my english,this is a roulette forum or a english school ??

no i am not his lawyer… i am a satisfied cliend of his.

yes this is roulette forum but if u want to be a part of it and ppl to answer ur question …they must 1st understand what u say. ;D

uhmm i have some doubt about respectability about forester your sistem dont work like how you say,but this is no my word,he received 2 start about classification and two is a very low rate,so tell me you think serious i can buy from forester whit out i never see him ?? or you think im stupid to send money like that ?? no way,also if forester is a leader in this business why dont have a reference here in europe to sell too his producs ?? very stranger about a leader like him,his sistem can be set up for a elettronics roulett i mean the roulette where realease the ball whit air pressure ??

if you are located in eu i can buy from you hand to hand,and my word is one !!!

no reason to answere u more…i see that u have a lot of questions…lol

he will answere them

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
Vandame, you can think all that you want, but please dont speak about forester if you dont know him. Is good and very honest person. I know him form three years ago. Internet pages are rubbish, much of them done by competitors. Foresrter products are well and works better. Never is easy money. For your information, using ffa i won 9/10 times, so think that you want :stuck_out_tongue:
Viper, dont spend more time in this post, we know of ffa works ;D

i want to see evidence whit only word we can’t resolved nothing

show me some evidence and i will do my apologize

We do not have to resolve anything…lolololol…only u have as it seems.

.manuel…i already realised that mate ;D

I thought in this forum could I find people very professional and serious,instead i found a people like you used the word LOL…LOL is udes by children in the chat and to me you are 100% school guys,come on a professional player say LOL…im convinced more and more this forum is like a baby school,i can’t belive a real player said lol ahahahah dont make me smile and go to school to learned the life rules

@vandame,or salvo,or jenny gonzalez ;D ;D ::)Lmao LOL hahahahahaha

remember me,yes you insulted me ,and i even offered to meet you

and your a real smart guy eh

look at the first link and you will see who is the author

really what evidence do you want ,you just want attention

do you think forester will come and meet you personally


LADS we normally ignore ppl like this so why should he be any different

Manu thumbs up mate,viper5 listen to the advice and dont fuel the fire,we know what works and what does nt ,lock this guy out

lets get on with the new version of the FFA-U1,

on secon thoughts leave him , he does make me laugh

i didn t have any intention to continue with him man…

he is boring :slight_smile:

@ Vandamme


vandamme!! you actually want to buy ff but you dont have the nuts :’( :’( you are not professional player you are asshole :o :o buy barby and play with her ::slight_smile:

balkan school rules

links you published are from Stefano,
Roulette system reviews is his site where for few years he was pretending to be someone else, giving false reviews, discrediting competitors and manipulating public opinion.
You can read more about that and why he was already imprisoned for similar scam.

There is no singe person that ever complained about Forester.
If you have noticed here we have Support section where everybody who has FF can write anything he wants. People communicate in between each other; no other system seller ever achieved that.
My people even have software code for FF and we all work together.
Our product is not the FF but progress, most competitors product is creating web pages to trap buyers.
Your words are not really innocent, from someone who is searching information, but provocative.

Just this morning I replayed to someone’s email that is searching to learn more about VB.
“Search for laurance scott or look for Jafco vibe”

I have right to have my opinion and to highlight problems someone may face when using particular VB.

As a top cream to your questions if you did not know the FF is only one device recognized by casino as a threat. Most others are self winding windmills, still tested but not worth writing about.

its funny how everynow and then some next random guy comes along and starts challenging a product or this forum which has been around for a long time.

Can i pay forester an FFA price, to get this idiot out of this forum? =).

I am wondering how he never asked himself a question who with healthy mind would pay and spend time to create roulettewars page.