A Special Kind of Stupid. -Humor From The Land of Stupid

__ thought finding a biased wheel would be like finding a honey pot.
If an AP expert gave me a tip to bet numbers 17 and 34 because he identified them as biased, I’d rather take my chances with 18 and 22 because that’s how many spokes I’ve counted on a bicycle wheel.

What’s the point of a sleeping biased number? Who bets on a biased number knowing it may sleep for a hundred or more spins? I wouldn’t waste my bankroll on that."

I really think that there’s an infection of ignorance on many roulette forums. The latest generation of roulette system players are blissfully ignorant.


Starting with me.

By the way have you seen roulette wheels with cone from stainless?

Yes. They’re popular in humid climates. I’m not sure if they’re actually stainless steel though, they could be aluminum. Bourgogne et Grasset Wheels. I know where there are several.

I worry that there’s an infection of stupid infecting the latest generation of gamblers. Their comprehension of math and physics is non existent. Facts and logic, have been replaced with superstitions and feelings. Feelings have become more important than facts. There’s no doubt that much of the infection stems from Facebook and Twitter, but there could actually be a real biological threat behind the regression of the world.

Part of the infection could stem from the fact that many of latest generation no longer have to navigate through the world using maps or spatial recognition. https://www.bostonglobe.com/ideas/2013/08/17/our-brains-pay-price-for-gps/d2Tnvo4hiWjuybid5UhQVO/story.html

As I navigate various forums I’ll share some of the crazy and absurd periodically on this thread for your entertainment.

We have a new post from The Land of Stupid. This time it’s from a poster by the name of Bendimrad. He and Micky from above should definitely get together and design systems.

"Roulette this invention Pascal who challenged all the systemiers, I dipped in since 2003, doing extensive research on a flaw of chance, finally at the date of December 2017 I finally find (by chance) an unexpected flaw in the chaotic cycle of roulette.
To validate my system I made several tests on a simulator neutral and I confirm the flaw that I discovered.

My system is easy to apply, profitable on the online roulette or live.

To prove you the success of my method I present the graphs on several hundred spin.

this method is called Tikjda."

Sounds as Steven 15 years ago he believed to discovered same.

I think reason of all that can be different. Imagine , that all these who writes all stupidities - are simply peoples, who do his job. They get task, go through all forums, through facebooks , twiters and so on and talk in special mannier.
In internet are very much peoples who really work in online casinos, or for them and these stupid talks are nothing other, like their job…
I know few, who 100% are casino affiliates, but they change nicks quite often.

So when you enter to discussions with them , must be very carefull , because really you do what they want.

Of course some of them only behave like casino workers , but really are only pure uneducated gamblers…

New humor from the land of stupid. This time It’s called, "Can we unlearn things that limit us?"

"Can we unlearn things that limit us?
How many times have you heard people say this: “He can’t help it, he was raised that was.” or “I was raised to do it this way.”

Let’s look at this scenario from a roulette point of view. Do roulette teaching/learning platforms give us reason to win or reason to lose?
_Reasons to win will attract attention and reasons to lose will shut down any platform. In roulette the negatives outweigh the positives yet there is a constant stream of new players entering the arena. Each players perspective of the game is unique and is pretty much a reflection of how they were raised. When learning to play roulette pivotal moments in the learning process help define the players “personality” that affects how they perceive the game. _
_“All systems will lose.” _
“In the long run you will lose to the HE.”
This is a cattle brand on every players mind and it alters the players perception of the game. Are the above statements true? They will only be true if you play to prove that they are indeed true."

There you have it folks! We need to unlearn the things that limit us. Things like:
1. Common Sense
2. Logic
3. Math.

But we know if we have an advantage we can win.

Nope, that’s the kind of toxic thinking that we should unlearn so that we can win with systems. lol.