A poem

There is this guy called Steve
We all wish he would leave

With Java roulette junk
his boat should of surely sunk

but load and behold a scammer elite
with Ken, Anandram etc. in his fleet

Somehow he pulls te wool over their eyes
He is like a donky turd surrounded with

When will the world finally wake up
See through the lies … stop filling his cup

Only thing all the court cases cause.
were for him to learn how to become the ultimate roulette scammer source.

He is truly the enemy of us all
alot of new users will stumble and fall

Wish we could stop it dead in it’s tracks.
But enevitably some will always fall through the cracks.

May I see the day that he gets exposed.
Does not matter how much in the past he posed.

We all here know the truth, screw him
truly, aint that smooth

Toxic…aka…Jakkalsdraai…aka…Jackal…aka… Killroy Gentz (Btw all banned from VLS)

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you have 80% discount [/glow]