8 Second Cadence?

Does anyone by chance have a phrase or anything that can be used as 8 second cadence? I am looking for something super consistent at 8 seconds.

I’m trying to avoid the use of thumper’s if possible.

Thanks guys!

I would use “like a virgin”

Like a virgin, hey
Touched for the very first time

Red is start and green is 8 full second.

I haven’t heard it for a while, but I did get 8.2 on the first try. Thanks kemikem! Now I just need to make sure I keep the vocals to myself and not come across like a total weirdo. Hahaha!

You can make also a loop with like a virgin and say it 4 times to make 8 seconds, it even works better for me to get the tempo. Unfortunetely you ll still look weird if you don’t keep the vocals for you.

By the way the funny part is that i ve started to use that after i ve read your post “tired to use a metronome” :wink:

Its all about skills and you can make a World record being accurate many times in a row after practice.
My suggestion which i been testing my self is using a pen with a click button on top.

So you puch the button down and it stay and pencil or pen arrow is out in the open, the hat of the button goes up and when its up you click again to puch down the button and make the pen Arrow go in the pencil and the hat smooth stay.

You can develop a loop for the click or the up and down movement using pen and i find it more acc then headcount taking longer lap times.
Headcount is good for shorter sequense, my opinion.

A pen can be a very good assistent.