4 Diamonds ball different jumps

Huxley tilt, 172 spins
Ball jumps separated for each diamond.

Was it worth it? ::slight_smile:


I too would expect different.

Isn,t the real question - how do you interpret the stats. ?
If computers reach the stage where they become a real threat to casinos
they could easily counter this by calling" no more bets " before the
ball has gone a full circle .
But we keep trying to win, don,t we !FHWPNM

It may not be worth it on a level wheel, theoreticly there should be no difference. On a tilted wheel it will make the difference. But you need to organize the data differently to see properly if you end up in the same sector with 2 or 3 different strike diamonds. I will see if i can find my original sheet, otherwise i will have to make a scan of one i did earlyer.

Yes that would be very nice to see some charts that properly define if you end up in the same sector with 2 or 3 pin game.