15K for a bias method at ebay


3 available / 6 offers
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Price 15K.


My opinion , what a joke ,


Hm… do not belive! :smiley:


Maybe downside there is missing sign - SH, haha ;D


;D Screw the Bias method. How about the RNG method hitting on the number every spin! Off course he is most probably could be covering 37 numbers on the Euro wheel and 38 numbers on the American layout! :o On the Bias play note. Why only 1-9% advantage. Why not 10% or 12%? Oh well. What I know of Bias is pretty much limited so who am I to talk. :slight_smile:


hehehehehehe. I made a 50 buck offer :slight_smile:

Could not believe he declined it! 50 bucks to 15000. We are not THAT far apart! ;D


You mean $50 bucks to $0 :wink: