1/2 clocking wheel and other terms

Hello everyone,

After reading a couple of the threads in here I’ve started to learn a few interesting things and I’m starting to have some questions about the concepts and the terms used here. If anyone could enlight me regarding the following topics I’ll be very gratefull.

I’ve come across the concept of “1/2 clocking wheel” and was left wondering why would anyone only clock half a wheel and what are the implications in both prediction and VB?

What does RNG mean? It looks like it could mean ‘range’ but in the context I’ve found it doesn’t seem clear that it is. What does it represent and what does it mean regarding prediction and VB?

Also, ‘scatter’ is a term that I don’t fully understand… I assume it is related to sampling the wheel but what it does and its impact, I haven’t been able to figure out.

Thanks in advance!


1/2 rotor clock has to do something in the setup procedure, with foresters device.

RNG stands for random number generator, usually what you see at online casinos.

NMB is no more bets.

Scatter is how the ball bounce over the rotor. High scatter means it bounces all over the rotor, and low the opposite.

If for instance you have a Teflon ball in the wheel, it has a fairly short run time in the track compared to a nylon ball. That means that you on a slow rotor won`t have time to clock a full rotor revoloution, so you clock only a half revoloution or maybe even just a 1/4 of a rev. The shorter the time frame, the more unprecise, but in the situation you might not have a choice.

So if the timing starts at zero at the reference point and after 2.0 secs the number at the reference point is 5/10 you are pretty close to have a 4,0 sec rotor speed.

With the computer you press a button for the timing, in VB the reading point for your prediction on a tilted wheel is to some extent triggered by the rotor speed.

It doesn’t have to be a Teflon ball.

Same casino, sane kind of ball and wheel, but on one wheel for particular ball speed the system says 8.3 sec to the end on the other 12 sec.
It is a huge difference.

I was just speaking generally. The point was that if you observe a teflon ball, generally it won`t take as many revoloutions as a nylon. Which gives the player less timing time and to save precious time, the player will short the time spend on timing the rotor.

Yes some balls deccelerate much faster.

With first system design, I implement that system knows when you clocking full rotor or if it is half. It didn’t need any extra settings before spin and it could be alternated from spin to spin based on observes ball traveling time.

It is simple.
Full rotor click. Click

Half rotor click€¦.holdopen

However half rotor clocking is slightly less accurate therefore is more recommended only on short spins with slow rotor.

FF produces more errors because of rotor clocking then because of ball clocking.
It is because rotor clocking doesn’t use any error corrections.

Therefore half rotor clocking need to be practiced. Full rotor clocking uses two negative triggering edges, while half rotor clocking uses negative and positive.
In simple words human response time to press the switch may be different then time for closing it. It may produce 2-3 pockets error.


Just to make sure about one thing, when you say “revolution” you are talking about when the ball makes a complete (full) circle right?

No (if you ask me), you clock the rotor speed in secs. pr. full rotor revoloution. You can als measure in terms of pockets pr. sec. when you measure the rotor. A 4 sec (pr. 1 full revoloution) rotor speed is then approx. 9 pockets pr. sec.

Its really up to yourself what you need. If you know all secrets and aspects of VB you might find an advantage in using amount of pockets pr. sec. Some VB players has trained the 1.0 sec. on the spine to the extent where they are capable of clocking for example 9.5 secs. down to ± 0.10 secs. (The longer the time period, the more diffycult to nail). In that case, with good knowledge of the numberring, there is an advantage in clocking the rotor in pockets pr. sec. instead of secs. pr. full rotor revoloution.

Dont know if it makes sense, sometimes i myself cant even comprehend what i have just written. :slight_smile: