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No idea!
But if you need videos from me, you will get them, guys.

Okay, guys,
I could finally win this fight against this guy who has stolen my YT account.
I have made a new YT channel:
Roulette Channel

Please subscribe!!!

I will repost my old video stuff and make some new videos asap

Nice stuff mate! :v:

Thank you, guys, for your support!

There will be more…


Would you please help me to grow my YouTube channel?
If you’re online while doing something else, just run one of my videos on YouTube as long as it doesn’t interfere with your online session.

I am very thankful for your help!

A short roulette footage…

Ivorine ball, 21 mm diameter, clockwise only

Teflon Ball, 21mm diameter, clockwise only

Some Teflon spins:

Some spins with an Ivorine Ball Ø 21mm