Roulette software RP-777 review scam or what?

Roulette software RP-777 review

I come across roulette computer for sale, so I took some time to look at it?

Found video on youtube and I couldn’t believe what he calls good roulette prediction.

On the screen, he clicks on zero then release the switch for the rotor,
Then he does the same for the single ball rotation and he calls it something special.
For me, it was enough to stop wasting my time.

Simply lissen to his accent it is super typical for one country :slight_smile:

There is no site…
I would like to buy it…
I just have $5k to throw them in the trash…
hahahaha :joy: :joy: :joy:

I already have the best RC on the market.

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Maybe, from what is available to buy on the market.