Rotor timing and adjustments


This is a very nice topic Forester, congratulations.

I just wonder about something… For example the rotor is 4/5 pockets more than 2 seconds to make a 1/2. i’ll add pockets to predict the drop point well but when will come the time where the ball meets the rotor, don’t you think the scatter won’t be the same than if the ball met the rotor at 2 sec?

I mean i could add some pockets and find the correct drop point, but the scatter could be different no?


Ball jumps distribution is something you need to make statistics.
Sure there will be spins ball drop on #0 and jumps 5, nest time it drops on #0 and jumps 15.

When adjusting for rotor as you described you don’t shift drop point but only amount of pockets the rotor will make.
If you estimated that the ball is 6 rotations to the end and it is 10 sec.
If the rotor moves 10 p/s it is 100 pockets , if it moves 11 p/sit would move 111 pockets. You adjusting the difference execting the same drop point.

Since with VB2 you don’t have to be at 10 sec to the end all the time and if for example you are 12s from the end . That 2 sec difference VB2 adjusts because it locks number regardless in which rotation you predict. So you still adjusting rotor around your average remaining time.