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  1. It seems to me totally unfair that in some countries rc, which by the way only estimate without influencing the output, are forbidden by law and this producer was allowed to sell such wheels. What about the vb players who use only their skills? I think they have a good chance to win in court against the casino. The casino could not pretend anymore that its not cheating, even if the rotor speed change was random as they pretend
  2. I think that even if I see that, I would not start a riot and get banned and no advantage player would do that

First of all, you won’t get banned for freaking out. All you need to do is convince a packed table that the casino is cheating them. ESPECIALLY the player’s that play SECTORS!!! It wouldn’t take much effort from me to my entire table in an uproar. I think the worst thing you could do as an AP is roll over and accept these new machines. Cammegh already makes a scalloped fret ring which aren’t that easy to beat because of the scatter. Huxley makes their Starbursts. Wheel designers can make good wheels without have to resort to using “Electronic Devices”. I’m kind of curious what the Nevada Gaming Commissions take on this would be.


Last night i had a dream that my casino put in the racetrack on the roulette tables, it was so easy to place bets…

would be nice.
Here is even better all you need to say to the dealer is lateral 3…0…15to cover 5 pockets around each number, they use microphone to record it.

Hi Forester, Hope all is going well with your holiday. I chatted with you a couple months ago ( I was moving from Florida to Arizona) and received your email re: New FFZ-T and now I am ready to purchase, but have a question about training DVD. Last year I purchased Jafco’s VB system and had a lot of problems viewing his DVD, he said it was produced in a different format than DVDs made in the US. I was wondering if your training DVDs are produced in a more universal format that will operate in any PC such as Sony Vaio, Dell or in a Standard DVD Player sold in US ? Also, If I preorder FFZ-T before September, when can I expect delivery ?

Thank You,
Great Karma

Hi there

The training dvd:s are coded in region 0. Which means that you can play them in every dvd player in the world. Delivery time is probably 5 to 10 days.

Thank you for your prompt reply !!

Hoooooray, i am back to Australia.
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Well,you prefer Australian wheels or those where you’ve been on holiday?

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Hi Forester,

Welcome back! Is the discount for FFZ-T still enabled? I had some financial problems in August, I could not manage to pay it, but now I have the money and if the discount is still in place, I could pay today, otherwise I have to keep waiting for 2 or 3 weeks. I saw that the old discount code is not valid anymore.

Thank you!