An Anomaly?


…We have a 37# wheel & a 38 # wheel: Are both wheels the same
circumference?..and by the way: How is it possible an odd number
like 37 equal pieces can comfortably fit inside this 360 degree circle?


37 equal pieces? Not exactlt.
What about the space (rim / “wall”) between them…?



why would 360-degree matter?

Only if you want each pocket to take 10.
360/37 = 9.73


…Last I heard the roulette wheel is still round in appearance…& I believe that 360 degrees still makes a round circle…If you have 36 different numbers as in our wheel, one has a perfect fit, 10% each, doesn’t one? How about we do our magic and explain how one can have a perfect fit within our 360 degree circle if we have 37 different numbers?..


it’s not 10%

Already tried to explain in the post above.
For you perfect roulette wheel would be that each number takes 10 degrees, but it doesn’t have to be on a 37 numbers distribution each number takes ~9.73 degrees.


…I just did the math: 37 x 9.73 = 360.01 degrees: not a perfect circle?



I am sure that Forester indicated to you that his calculation was approximate?
A standard use of ~ is to mean approximate.
If you wish to redo your math then use 9.729729729729730



…I’ll take your word for it…