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[quote=“lucky_strike, post:80, topic:1171”]Hello Donna Amon - i start to convert and download you videos - but part 3 of 10 is missing - can you fix that.

Many Thanks[/quote]

I have been click-bombed on this video, look at that:

I have reported a new link to the admin, he should replace the older PART 3, because I have stoped it by deleting this vid. I was not able to modify my post with the vid Part 3.


Part 6 of 10


And last but not least: part 7 of 10 (why didn’t I start my uploads from part 1? ::))

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Hello Donna Amon - i am moderator and can fix you post and add your new link - just PM me the link …

Many Thanks


Now part 3 is also up - cheers


Today I will also upload another 5 vids, there are shown both ball directions, each 5 coups (or something like that).

@ Lucky: thx man!


I have made two playlists for you:

1. 100 Roulette Spins Part 1-10

2. Roulette Wheel Spins in Slow Motion



[b]!!! Attention !!!

[/b]There it is, a new video series. Ball is spun in both directions, about 5 spins per direction.


Very thank you. :-*


Here comes the next one:




The last one of that series!


[size=14pt][b]Soon I will delete my Youtube account, because I have no benefit of this.
Youtube doesn’t want pay me for ads, that’s because I decided to finish my channel presence.

Sorry that![/b][/size]


Thanks for your effort - i copy and covert all of them and upload them to my dropbox.
Big thanks.



Check it out, a funny footage of my cat:



I have made a video where you can see some differences between ball types and sizes.

As shown on footage:

  1. 21mm ivorene
  2. 18 mm ivorene
  3. 21mm teflon

    There you go:


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Nice video - thanks for sharing …



Hi everyone,

Does anybody have information about scatter on that “100 spins” roulette that Donna Amon posted?