YouTube Roulette Videos for free

Some spins found on internet here:

Really quite nice video. Respect !

Problem is that on some spins that the shutter time on the camera does not match the rotor speed.

If you search the channel of the same owner - there is more videos as well.

By the way - I’m loved in that story down the link here.
I know it a lot of time ago and I’m sure you too guys, but each time I watch it I still keep amazed :wink:

Thank you Bebediktus I really enjoyed that video.

Looked to other videos in this channel - in most ball decelerate not like in nowadays casinos…

He (the other “roulette guy” on YT) is trying to be me, but he has no chance. He is producing just videos, and I am making roulette movies, guys. :wink::sunglasses:

Also, he has the older version of Cammegh “Classic” with high-profile number separators, where the ball is more predictable than on a low-profile wheel (like mine).
This guy has no soul!

Lol, I thought it’s just a JH wheel…
For that reason I share it here.
We know yours nice and HQ videos on Cammegh, no place of doubt here.
But most wheels I have to play are JH
So I share that for players on JH wheels as well.

Obviously they aren’t so good quality of the videos as yours.
But to take some look on JH wheels get some idea and observation is more or less enough.

No problem, my friend, it’s just fun.
But this guy is trying to do the same thing like me, but without a soul for roulette :grin:
Maybe one day I will own a JH, who knows?

Donna_A, you remember I asked you do video in some specifical manier - how need for VB players trainings . You done one short. can you do such more ? Simply for Vb players…

Hello BB,
I will make a video for us. Can you write the criteria as reference for me, please?
I am still busy with the hand cream video, but after I have done it I will do this one.

Hello, Donna, I have that video which you did and which is ideal in my opinion it has named as “accuracy test”…looked in the channel - not found.
So main criteriums are one direction, stable rotor speed (Somewhere between 4-5 sec is optimal ), slightly more than one wheel rotation gap when the ball is landed between spins and 50fr/sec for easy calculation of ball time intervals. Not do short spins - longer - better and spins must be similar in length.
And as possible more full projection, so not from the side but as possible from up side, that ball will be visible in all positions. Lasts as i saw are good in that.
By the way direction is better - ball clockwise, because usually dealers are right handed and this direction is more stable…

So that “accuracy test” was very good, but it is short 10 or 12 spins 30 spins in one piece will be better.

Yeah, BB. I remember now!
I will do my best, I swear. But Forester’s video first, soon.

Ok not hurry , good that remember that video … :slight_smile:

my YouTube account has been hacked! It has a new name now „STR International, DHK“ and a picture of a boy.
Somebody changed my YT channel name, picture and I get 11 strikes for videos that are not mine.
I think now it’s over and all my 1500+ subs are gone forever.
This channel is still there but I have no possibility to do anything.

I hope that YT is smart enough to recognise what happened but I am pretty sure it wouldn’t happen.

I will let you know.

You asked YT ? What they said ?

they just disabled my channel and that’s it. I have made a complaint but I think it will lead to nothing.

Lol, so sorry my friend :grimacing::slightly_frowning_face:

Thank yyou for your condolences!