YouTube Roulette Videos for free

Lol, no spins on that video DA! :man_shrugging::joy:

No, but pure statistics.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey lads, a new video is ready for you. Please vote.
Thea upcoming video is following soon, and it’s for Forester. Read the description.

I prefere the “right” one, thanks Donna :v::blush:

Right one aswell!

Okay, guys, I thought already it should be the right one. Thank you for your feedback!

same for me

The upcoming video is in progress!!!
Click on the picture to see the whole picture

Just apply normally and wait few minutes before spinning.
It would be good to get antiseptic / antibacterial cream as it is used in hospitals and casinos. That cream doesn’t leave hands oily.

Some spins found on internet here:

Really quite nice video. Respect !

Problem is that on some spins that the shutter time on the camera does not match the rotor speed.

If you search the channel of the same owner - there is more videos as well.

By the way - I’m loved in that story down the link here.
I know it a lot of time ago and I’m sure you too guys, but each time I watch it I still keep amazed :wink:

Thank you Bebediktus I really enjoyed that video.

Looked to other videos in this channel - in most ball decelerate not like in nowadays casinos…

He (the other “roulette guy” on YT) is trying to be me, but he has no chance. He is producing just videos, and I am making roulette movies, guys. :wink::sunglasses:

Also, he has the older version of Cammegh “Classic” with high-profile number separators, where the ball is more predictable than on a low-profile wheel (like mine).
This guy has no soul!

Lol, I thought it’s just a JH wheel…
For that reason I share it here.
We know yours nice and HQ videos on Cammegh, no place of doubt here.
But most wheels I have to play are JH
So I share that for players on JH wheels as well.

Obviously they aren’t so good quality of the videos as yours.
But to take some look on JH wheels get some idea and observation is more or less enough.

No problem, my friend, it’s just fun.
But this guy is trying to do the same thing like me, but without a soul for roulette :grin:
Maybe one day I will own a JH, who knows?

Donna_A, you remember I asked you do video in some specifical manier - how need for VB players trainings . You done one short. can you do such more ? Simply for Vb players…