Why do online casinos offer bonuses?

Hi everyone…

I am new here but have a question about online casino bonuses and why they exist. I noticed that pretty much all online casinos, poker rooms and other gaming services being offered online give players an incentive to play via these bonuses that are offered. My question is really why do online casinos offer these kinds of bonuses to begin with?

In my opinion it creates unnecessary competition among the online casinos and other gaming service providers. If you look at casinos with a physical presence around the globe it’s not likely that you’ll see that they offer you a $100 to come and play at their casino (although they do offer rewards for you play via internal comps that usually come in the form of free breakfasts, rooms, etc…).

thanks in advance for any advice!

The bonuses have never gotten my attention. In land base casinos there is no real insentive, you dont even get back 1% of the money you play on the tables. Its more like 0.01% you get back.