What is your best VB Performance?

On Saturday I had finished my winning session at my favourite wheel using a mix of Dealer Signature and VB and I was standing back from the table recording numbers on my card and there were about eight players around the table some of them regulars.

My wife appeared and cashed her $50 into chips turned to me and said what is the next number? I replied #35 so she placed a chip on it having already scattered on her favourite numbers. When 35 came up a couple of the players looked back at me.

She then said OK what’s next? I checked my card said in a strong voice #14 so she plops a couple of chips onto it and up it came. By that time all eight players and the Supervisor who knows my playing style all looked at me in expectation so I said #26 and everyone stacked their chips onto it.

I was watching the ball spinning and #4 stood out as the VB number so I said to my wife #4 and it was bare of chips so she dropped a chip onto #4.

Well the ball was going clockwise and it dropped into #26 then bounced out and dribbled over into #4.

All the players including my wife started to abuse me, telling me to make up my mind, stop distracting them, only the Supervisor said to me that was unlucky as it nearly settled into #26.

So I made my wife cash out and we both came home winning nicely on the day.

What is the longest streak of one out winning numbers you have had using VB or FF or whatever? I am counting that session as three and once several years ago I did hit 5 in a row betting a single chip.

Keep winning


G’donya ;D.

Never had 5 in a row direct hits but 3 few times. I still have about 20 years to catch up with you :P.

My best straight up with vb2 is 2. I have had 5/7 hits on +/- 7 number sector though using vb2 & regularly hit 3 to 4 hits out of 7 spinns using vb2 but up to now only one wheel where this is consistant.

I not have much hits in row when i cover few pockets but i have one stream of about 20 hits when i cover 15-20 pockets. What is interesting that i started with very low bets but covered many in firsts spins about 25 after some spins i reduced amount of pockets but increased total bet - still hit, then i reduced even more pockets and again increased total - still hits. Crupier and pitboss begin to look to me not good, i reduced pockets till 10 and decided to play till no hit and still on 10 pockets i had maybe four hits till first miss.

Touche Mike and Bebediktus! ;D

Here in the US they would really start to mix it up after the first five or six hits in a row.

when i hited beting 2/3 of board they not pay any attention :), later when i still hiting covering less than half board they begin to look, at the end i bet almoust for luck, not wanted to look at wheel at all , for me is enough three black cards , not want to get more :slight_smile: