What is RRR device?

Does anyone know what an RRR device is and what casinos employ them for?

How are they a disadvantage to the player?


Yes we do,
It is system that casino implements to help users of Mark Howe’s computer to occasionally win, and to stop users of Foresters system to have huge advantage.

However RRR devices have problem in design and casinos are investigating it.
Somehow they can not stop Foresters device to have advantage.
It must be that he is always few steps ahead.

Only joking, I have heard about RRR but I never come across one.
Mark Howe sent me an email, so I do not know if such thing exists.
I never come across one, if I did I would notice it.
I did find some posts at forums classifying it as a joke.
Casinos are paying Mark to protect them from his computer.
It sounds as a joke.

Helo Forester

I am surprised that you do not know what a RRR device is and how it works. You would not be able to see it, that is the point of the device. And your device would not be able to beat a wheel with one of these units fitted. I should know, I designed it. :-\

Well if you designed it, please be so kind to explain what it is and what it is supposed to do?



lol i think avatar really suits him, it makes me smile every time

this device is fitted to the rotor underneath and randomizes the rotor deceleration making it impossible to apply VB or a roulette computer to beat roulette that uses such device unless device knows how this works and can correct for this. Some developers have program that can get round this and spot this like Mrk Howe because he purchase this device claiming to be a casino owner as did the Swedish team and German team. These ae only fitted to around 20% of casinos worldwide. This is why people using roulette device cannot win unless software knows how this works. This is why Foresters system can never work because he ignores this device exists as it will affect his sales. If this post is removed. I have taken screen shots to prove he wil have removed it as it will affect his sales. Thi mean that he wil sell device knowing it cannot work in some casinos?

RRR=Roulette Rotor Randomiser.

Do you allow for such device forester and did Mark Howe tell you how they work and how to get by them forester?


Mark I did not see any rotor deceleration changes on any wheel except automated wheels.

FF is made much smarter then your system because it does not have to calculate rotor deceleration from time when you finish rotor clocking but from time when you finish ball clocking which saves 5-10 sec, and that is why it gives better result.

Further more for your information that what you cal RRR device and what is shown on the picture is not for changing rotor speed but it is device for automatically leveling roulette wheel.

I have 2 DVD’s of Marks prediction; on one he first clocks first the ball then rotor. Could you explain us why Mark’s computer clocks first ball then rotor? We believe that clocking ball when is still so fast probably 0.5 sec per rotation would not produce any good results, it is to fast it is to far from end it is still back spinning etc.
On latest DVD I received he first clocks the rotor.
How it could be that for all those years he was making such big mistake.
for your information that is not RRR device that is device for automatically leveling roulette wheel. [/glow]

The pics are from a russian surveillance site under “Reverse poll magnets” . Make of it what you wants, but to influence the rotor you need to either cut a hole in the bottom of the wheel or influence it through for example magnets.

It would be illegal to use. Casino has no right to influence results of spin.
If they want to cheat they would use better solutions.

Rotor would have to have additional plate or coils to pick up induction. Due to distance from magnets and weight of rotor I would not say it can influence rotor significantly
Here if someone activates strong magnetic field close to table it will start alarm.

Additionally if someone influences rotor speed we would notice it but definitely there is no computer which can predict when and how change will be made.
Even if there is some kind of patter it would not be easy to find it.


Funny thing is, it is taken among other pics of player devices. Thumpers, computers etc. So its probably something from a staff scam. The site does not say anything else about it than “Reverse poll magnets”

Here is some info on Reverse Pole Magnet suspended roulette wheels…

check out some old 2003 discussion by Mike Barnett and Co at…


…regarding developments of a new wheel by Sydney based company Indo-Pacific Gaming who look like an agent for Abbiati. They say, "IndoPacific Gaming is a multi product distributor of quality of gaming equipment to pubs, clubs and casinos throughout Australia and Asia Through excellent service and maintenance backup, IndoPacific Gaming has become a well-trusted and respected gaming equipment industry supplier.

The business was formed in Australia by William Redshaw (CEO) and was incorporated in New South Wales on the 20th February 1989. Since that time IndoPacific Gaming has grown into a €˜one stop’ gaming equipment supplier and is continually expanding its already impressive product and services range to cater for all gaming operations in Australia and Asia."

It’s a shame Mr Redshaw doesn’t get someone to proof read their web site and correct some of the spelling and grammatical errors, but perhaps he is just too busy making money?


“William Redshaw is one of the most experienced slot and electronic professionals in Asia/Pacific. He was the first International Vice President of Sales for IGT, the world’s biggest manufacturer and supplier of slot machines. After working with Aristocrat as Head of US Sales he set up Indo Pacific Gaming in the early 1990’s. Bill has been working with SHL for more than two years and in March joined as a full Director. Bill role is in the selection of venue, negotiation of lease and mix of machines and the installation and successful operation of the project and is based in Sydney.”

Mike I could not get first link working,please can you check it.

Did any of you ever come across something that may do as Mark’s RRR.

I did come across strongest tilted wheel I run home to get lot of cash but when I return the wheel wasn’t tilted. That was strange, but it could be coincidence, maybe I should observe more spins. At that time I thought could it be some kind of device that changes wheel level.

Link works OK for Me?

Yes it works this time.

But that is something completely different to what Mark is trying to say.

Magnets are used to reduce friction constantly, but not to change deceleration when rotor is spinning. You can buy small toy in ABC shops. It works on same principle, actually rotor is fully floating in the air. Once you spin it, it goes forever (almost)

That black box is to far from rotor, if rotor has coils or plates the box would need to create huge induction to transfer some power to coils inside the wheel.

I think Mike is right but im not sure what the black box are for. The magnets doesn`t require any power they are simply put there and repels the two objects. A ceramic sleeve ensures a wobble free run.

forester you know little a bout roulette security and anti cheating devices. I think that casino is just going to allow people to cheat when they can use RRR to stop you which is very cheap. I state your device work, but only with consistant spin of rotor and wheel. If you spin inconsistant, it is inaccurate. In real casino croupiers are instructed to spin randomly fast and slow. some people can bypass device because they know how device works, but this makes it more difficult. Casinos are allowed to increase the randomness of gaming equipment, they cannot increase the edge. You claim below that this would be illegal but you lack knowledge in this field of expertize.

Casino does not need to change tilt on wheel to stop people because of my device. Also my device is concealed and tamper proof. Tilting a wheel can be visibly seen and observed which can make it possible for legal action against casino increasing their edge deliberately.

Using RRR works uniquely to stop this happening unless you know and have A RRR device and know how it work. This is increases randomness of rotor and wheel making devices likes yours totally ineffective and useless. it changes the deceleration whilst the wheel is in motion slightly to randomly place predictive devices out of sync with intended area with time.

your visit to a casino where you observe tilted wheel and ran home for cash( no credit cards or account for a professional gambling man that sells a device for beating roulette?) you claim your device beat level wheel?

The links shown have nothing to do with the RRR device.

Casinos have the right to do much more than you in their own club.

I was Stefano hourmouzs and now I am Mark Howe.

i am on the phone in Norway Forester and I can show you video of my home and my equipment with a sign to Oslo .

I never said that you are Stefano, why would I do that. It must be something in your head, or perhaps due to my high level English you misunderstand something.

I am on the phone in Norway Forester and I can show you video of my home and my equipment with a sign to Oslo

That wouldn’t be necessary; I know that you went to Norway on holyday, I believe you; even guy who bought your computer told me that. At least you told him that you were there and that is why you could not answer his emails.

Your questions and conclusions are so dumb and each one remands me on all stupidities that Mark was writing at GG forum 2 years ago. What a coincidence.

Sure I do have and credit card and bank cards, but I went home to get CASH.
If you play more and win, you would understand what is CASH and why.

Casino does not need to change tilt on wheel to stop people because of my device.

Of course they do not.

I think you are contradiction yourself.

Tilting a wheel can be visibly seen and observed which can make it possible for legal action against casino increasing their edge deliberately.

So by you tilting wheel during game would be illegal and changing rotor speed would be legal. Why do you think tilting wheel can change edge, and why changing rotor speed doesn’t?

Let’s imagine that RRR exists somewhere.
FF will not be affected by that as much as your computer.
It is because it works on much better way. Rotor is calculated from last ball click while in your design you must do it from last click when clocking rotor so error will be doubled. I don’t think that any VB or Barents computer works by patterns of your RRR but they still have advantage.

Instead of losing time on stupid things would you be kind enough to find out where in UK I can get good gamma cards with loaded OS or without.