"vis ¡ vis"

hello every one on this forum i´m a new mwmber.
some one knows what is the vis ¡ vis efect invented by Pierre Bsieux?
(this words is in german, the translation in inglish is “face to face”)
best regards

Welcome uchimata,
Perhaps Kelly would know that. I don’t speak German, except mine libe. :-\

thank you Forester , do you know were to cantact Kely ?


You are one of Stefano’s Roulette system player. I saw you on his private roulette forum. He told me you have won 100,000$ with his system, so i wonder why you are trying to know different approaches!.

I explained what is the vis- -vis which is not an effect but a physical consequence of the wheel’s tilt and others things. Do a research on gambler’s glen, i opened a thread about it.

Probably because of same reason as you.
He become allergic to roulette computers.

He does not have the phone but his system only. He is waiting like his 400 players who ask him everyday about his custom variants software online. I am afraid, if one day it is released, that after entering your spins, it will states: “Patterns are not strong enough, you are best to choose another wheel”. LoL

It is only last attempt from Stefano to make some money with Genuine Winner System.
Really how hard is to email custom version too all at once.
While he informs them how he has no time so he does one by one I am sure he did not send it to anyone, simply because he has nothing to send. All he does is only to look important and needed trying to trap uninformed people. As Michael Barnett once said “self blowing windmill”.