Two question about sounds and visual observation

Two question about sounds and visual observation.

  1. I wondering how many can identify the sound from the ball moving on the ball track from having a raw clattering that becomes a smooth clattering or should I use the word that the sound is more like a raw swarfh that becomes a smooth swarfh - its a easy sound pattern that I assume most pepole can recognise.

  2. I wondering how many can tell when a dealer make a slow sloppy spin from a medium spin and distinct it from a very fast strong spin development - slow, medium, fast - its just some basic questions as I am curios about your ability regarding simple basic observations.


If its not too noisy in the casino, the difference is very distinct and i think most people can hear it, if they are told when it happens. I tried it with my daughter in the casino and she heard it right away (after a few spins) after telling her. She had a little help from daddy, but anyways.

The second question. Yes I can, but… i could ask a counter question.:

Is the reading number in the 5th last ball revoloution as equal and as correct in a spin with 12 ball revoloutions as it is in a spins with 26 ball revoloutions ? Asuming we have 2 spins with exact same initial wheel speed and exact same bounce length.

What im asking for is: Is the outcome number the same in both spins, using VB and reading in the 5th last round ?

In my opinion, it’s much easier to see it then it is to hear it.

However, maybe we should ask Mr. J. ;D

He would think it was a trick question from the AP crew. “They have an agenda against me uuuu.”

Hello, well for me its not tricky or should i say any hide and seek with my question.
I just read Volume 2 again from LS regarding settings using RA properly.

Then i have - when time let me to visit my local casino when there is not to much action.
And start to practice regarding sound alone - witch is not easy as you describe your situation with your daughter.
For me its all about time as singel parent to find opportunities to play.

Well back to sound, i master three ways making a visual read and i do like to learn new ways and explore things as its a life time hobby for me.
I also like the basic concept to use human skills and one day i might do OK with out thumper.

For me i use one simple sound that distinct a moment before i observe the wheel and succeed doing so before the ball divide.
Not much to brag about so i could not answer your question.

But when the day come and i succeed to use sound alone as Laurance describe it i will sure start my conversation with him again having more experience to elaborate with.
The first thing out after find the momentum is to distinct the characters as Laurance write about and i quote:
Witch is similar towards hes crossover where same apples towards sound alone …

  1. Nailed it = Leg pattern
  2. Early rev = Tight pattern
  3. Late rev = Open pattern
  4. Weird = Weird

You make it sound so simple and i find it complex using sound alone - but it does not prevent me from elaborate about it :slight_smile:
So feel free to enlighten me!

Well there is nothing in the sound that gives away any of the patterns. You have to replace the patterns with “feels”. And only play the feels where you “nailed it”. You might wanna play the feels where you find that the feel is so close to “nailed it” that you are able to adjust the bet.

Its those 1 - 2 seconds where the sound changes that you look at the ball and estimate the type of spin (in the old days called patterns), wait for the ball to pass the reading point and make a prediction. At this point you surely know wether the ball is too fast (too early), nailed it (correct revoloution) or too late. Or none of the above. Its the split second where you have to place the bet you have to make up your mind wether its a good bet or one you better skip. With a lot of practice you can categorise most spins a few milli secs before you puts the chips down.

But you won`t find the pattern in the noise change. Im sure laurance will say the same.

What about my question ? Any opinions ?

I used to play using sound and it does work, but you are really at the mercy of how slow and empty the table/casino is. I found it much easier to just look at the wheel instead.

Actually it would probably be possible to invent a device that would give you a zap/vibration when the sound from the wheel reaches a certain frequency allowing you to easily identify the ball revolution without even looking at the wheel except for wheel timings and when the device zaps/vibrates to indicate the number, however the roulette ball in the wheel would have to be quite loud, and the device would have to be very sensitive. In other words the device would be constantly swithced on,the player would be placing cover bets. Then when the ball started to slow down and demonstrate a certain vibrational frequency that we programmed it to recognize, we would be informed of this, and just need to glance. 100 times better then the vibration metronome i think, but needs some work done into it. Actually an ear piece might be better, and just stand next to the wheel, with a small beep to inform when the ball is in a certain revolution…

Infact, it could be disguised as a hearing aid. Casinos dont allow RC’s for obvious reasons, but they also do not allow timers. A device that recognizes sound frequency could easily be explained for something else and would not be breaking any rules since it would be quite a new method of play.

Cool Davey and gambler regarding RC and sound there was actually some one experienced that was into that field what i know off - don’t want to mention hes name do.
Well i respect Laurance and think hes way to play is the optimal as i understand him.
This is hes answer towards my question witch is what i expected - that its apart of and not distinct to be used by it self.

The RC that detects sound is interesting, but then I discovered these wonderful things called “eyes” that can do the job just as well. The cost is much cheaper to operate, and the casinos don’t mind if you use them!