Tilted wheel

Say me:How I to know if a wheel is tilted or no? ???

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i think the right cuestion is–> how i know if the roulette is tilted or not??

im not a expert on this science but u have to look some spins at the wheel, and see Which is the dominant diamon :slight_smile:
and if the ball falls alot at the same point , u get to the conclusion that is “tilt2” …

Reality is that wheel in usual is not tilted but the ball behaves as the wheel is tilted.
Most of the time the ball track has small deformations, which cause the ball to exit at one place more often.

Proper name is a wheel with dominant ball drop point.
But we just like to associate it with tilt.

you may find this easier to find later on in the evening/session ,as the area where cruopier releases the ball may get dirty/stiky etc from the croupiers hand.Alos if one diamond recieves far less hits than the other diamonds we can also get an advantage

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I have understood.I thank you everybody. :-*

Plenty to learn. :o

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Is the dealer able, changing its way to throw the ball, to make a tilted wheel or level wheel?

only if he spin the ball with little speed (less than 6-7 revs) and give to the ball oposite revolutions…

It is easy to avoid these spins because U can hear the oposite revs of the ball in the ball track.


totally illeagal

cant be done,during play ,totally against all rules

Ok Tx.Is there someone that has of the statistics or of the results of game with FF against the leveled wheel?

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If you lean on it heavily, it will be!

If you lean on it heavily, it will be![/quote]

and what if it was tilted before, maybe you will only level it 8)

and what if it was tilted before, maybe you will only level it
Tough luck then! Such elements of chance is probably why they call it "a gamble", any way you play it.