The Pig Wheel

Yeah, it DOES look like a bad version of Roulette.

~11% advantage :o, it’s nice that the numbers are in order

I love playing roulette (along with the other table games) and I am sure others here in the states would enjoy the game more if we had some single zero wheels, allowing players to hold onto their bankrolls a little longer. But instead of making the game more appealing, this yahoo from Minnesota creates a carnival version with over 11% house edge.

THe only redeeming quality of playing this game would be if NMB was called late, after the wheel was spun. It is a vertical paddle wheel with only rotor deceleration to calculate. Nonlinear ball velocity decay, track anomalies, ball scatter, etc. parameters are all eliminated. And, as Forester pointed out, the numbers are sequential. With late bets placed, computers could dicemate this game.

But for the average player, at least they named it appropriately. ???

I am also great fan of playing roulette and The Pig wheel was my favourite. It was really very interesting to play roulette games with this wheel. There are lots of other casino games which are also great.