The best roulette computer, set tilt 2

If you were wondering what is FFA and what it can do when we try to predict roulette, this may help you.
Please ignore some of my mistakes, I wasn’t prepared. :wink: :wink:

So is this the best roulette computer or I need to do more?

Or follow the link;

I am not sure should i add ball direction to ffz.

Hum… I guess it depends on the interaction required to be able to select ball direction. If it becomes clumsy and actually start to get on the player way (for instance, if its required to select everytime the ball is to spin or something like that) then probably you shouldn’t.
If it’s not the case, then I’m sure future players using FFz will appreciate the added versatility of the device :slight_smile:

I’m just saying this from the point of view of useability. I don’t own any of the systems so I might be very wrong here.

If we want “point set” adjustement for both ball directions as on this video then it is required.

But since FFA has it all i think FFZ, FFV, i keep more simple.

[glow=red,2,300]I add here how it looks with FFA-IQE6 [/glow]

cool video, but how can u bet on like 10 numbers in the space of a few seconds

You don’t bet on 10 numbers but 3-5.
Only morons like Hourmouzis tells you to bet on 19 numbers because their computers predictions suck and therefore the scatter is wide.

You always bet on the top of the peak, so that even if conditions begin to change and the peak begins to shift, you are still betting on positive edge pockets, contrary to 19 pockets where some and more of them would become negative edge.

On this video, Forester is using accuracy 4, meaning you receive the prediction lately at around 6 seconds before the ball falls.
Depends on casino conditions and when NMB is called, you can use Accuracy 3 and receive the prediction at around 9 seconds before the ball falls.

I can place 20-40 chips in few seconds.
In usual I cover about 7 pockets, with more chips in center of prediction and less towards the end of predicted sector.