System and bot for online casino roulette


It’s easy to get tired of spinning a roulette wheel, especially in a professional game. This will be done for you by the software robot Rnd-Bot. He recognizes the fallen numbers, makes bets and turns the drum, plays an automatic game while you are drinking tea, energy or beer, or while you are smoking.

The bot strategy is winning and not complicated. When betting on numbers, the amount of the account fluctuates around zero, very slowly dropping down on average. That is, the amount will be higher and below zero. Stopping the game at a sum greater than zero, you win. Then - close the roulette window and reopen, a new game and a new random series of numbers. Again stop on the plus - again win. And so several times. All. There is a strategy. It is based on the management of money, and not on the guessing of numbers.

To exit from deep drawdowns in the account you need a lot of moves, so you should play the bot, pulling out of the drawdown by returning to the middle on a large series of moves. Up to 647.5 moves there is a return to the average and the amount of the account becomes greater than zero, giving a win. The Rnd-Bot will automatically make all the necessary rotations of the drum and stop on the plus, with some gain. After that you need to close the window of the roulette and bot, and maybe open them again and earn some more money.

Profitability of bot Rnd-Bot is 50% of the deposit for 2-3 hours of work, with a deposit equal to 200 bets and several games, up to ten games. The maximum drawdown is about 100 bets, so 200 bets is a safe deposit against a possible drawdown.

Setting up the bot on the casino takes a couple of hours, requires editing the config with the included utility for determining the coordinates inside the roulette window and scissors Windows for cutting out the recognized images. The configuration is in the JSON text format, which is very clear to the person.

Registration of the bot is also extremely simple, but it is necessary for the program to work. You install a bot, open the Protection window, copy and send me a line describing your hardware. I, having received payment of $ 25, on the line of your iron generate and send the registration key. You enter the key in the Protection window and everything, the program is registered. The key will automatically be saved in the program folder and will fit even the following versions of the bot - the license is unlimited.

Next are screenshots of the test games Rnd-Bot, showing a win of 50% of the deposit of $ 200 in a test of six games. Money - not real, but demonstration - visual.


Nice , can the system tell when I ll get married ? If so that would be amazing !


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