Support moving to

Some changes at forums support and VB2 sections are moving to

Few weeks ago you’ve received an email with new password for If you lost it you can always recover it at the site or contact me. FF users permissions are added to the new forum. You can check download section where are various FF documents available for downloading. So don’t be lazy come and try new forum options. Many old posts have been deleted to make forum easier to search.
It’s pretty much straightforward how to use it but here are additional instructions;

For all who are waiting for new FFV- Acrobat there is some delay but good news is that it has been made and I will receive it soon. If you have an access you can see the system here:

Some people were ordering it using the sites shop and I have clear data who they are and what they ordered. However some were just sending money or ordered FFZ and FFV together.
I know how I am inpatient about the new system so to avoid unnecessary delay due to possible problems (I am not very good with paperwork and there is to many of you and only one of me :wink: please stay in touch and check if I sent your unit as well.

New FFV instructions document is almost complete, soon it will be added to download section at
Roulette place forum still can be used as an ordinary forum. I’ll not close it since there is always need for backup site, same reason why it was created few years ago. Old members have same access to both site, if you are new FF owner and want additional access at as well you’ll have to register there as well and let me know your user name.