Statistical Roulette Analyzer - 1.2 Explanation and Essential calculation


Do you want to find out how to earn money in a casino in a legal way? A system which detects damaged roulette wheels can help you to do it.

The programm is supported by the author`s big practical experience (over 10 years) and works of known persons of science: Dirichlet, de Moivre, Bayes, Taylor, Pearson, Schlesinger, Kelly, Klotz.

To make the system 100% trustworthy, the most important part of the calculations was shown, that is the roulette wheel testing method and calculation of the primary statistic parameters.

The most important calculation can be found at my website in Essential calculation section.

Detailed description about my program can be found at my website in Help section.

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and…somebody test ?
or any informations


Did you receive my answer?


My answer is: testing and playing currently. Do not ask me more, all information you can find in my links.


Test your theories here, on my YouTube-channel:

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My program is not a toy.


Nobody said that!
I said only you can test your program on real spins.


I have made it many times…


If your system works, then what are you doing on that forum?


I sell the program because I am banned from casinos.


Ok,Donna ,I can test your spins,send me results,at least 200