Roulette wheels/balls

Hi, Guys.
I like the idea and aproach of FF… a lot. it is what i look for in roulette prediction to aid betting etc. Also of course visual analysis and scatter determination is important…which I actually think is a good thing.

Now I have been looking at various wheels to determine if advantage can be obtained. I have seen wheel where almost complete view of wheel is possible. It is on low (poor quality) table in contrast to the large wagers placed. Now the problem i have is that the ball when it hits a diamond (or not) sometimes enters the rotor and just as its about to drop in slot it does another full rotation or more on the silver disc directly encircling the numbered wheel. This happens a lot. Also the ball is vary light and bounces all over the place.

Now I am wondering. In various video footage online,( I trust forester not the others) the ball hits diamond then slams into rotor in predicted area then scatters to manageable betting distance.

While still searching for better wheel and ball, is there older ball/wheel combos to look out for or is it trial and error.

All coments welcome, any advice appreciated.



You are experiencing what I call “rollers” and in combination with the light and bouncy ball you do have a problem.

In my experience look for a wheel where the ball comes off the rim at the same spot more than 60% of the spins in the same direction, this is what we call a “tilted” wheel.

Look for large “soft” balls that don’t bounce too much.

And if you can find both on the same table - let me know please because I now know of only one such combination in the whole world.

Keep winning


Now I have been looking at various wheels to determine if advantage can be obtained. I have seen wheel where almost complete view of wheel is possible.

There is no need for 100% view of the wheel, 50% is plenty.
If clocking is done where the ball is exiting then you will see the ball at time of zap 80% of time. For me even if I do not see it I still know where is the ball and which number is next to the ball at particular moment.

Regarding spinners.

Show me the wheel without them and I will show you a millionaire.
[glow=red,2,300]Spinners and wide scatter are good.
Without them we would win to much an be banned. [/glow]
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Thanks Mike, Forester.

Yeah I get what you say regarding not needing full view of the wheel. Am currently learning the wheel layout, which of course is vital!!
Yes, if player gets a zap they can determine where ball is at time of zap because they know wheel layout and have a keen eye, and where zap occurred in relation to zero etc.

ironically, it was someone trying (poorly) to discredit this method that made me want to use it even more ha ha!! :slight_smile:
You all know the footage to which i refer.

Thanks for the input guys, I’ve still plenty of wheels to examine, and even if they’re not tilted, its just a matter of further scatter analysis, as some dont spin or roll as much as others.

Thanks again.

Yes, I thought that you were guided by that.

The effect of video is opposite then what it was spouse to do.
To see the ball and LED at same time is a bit harder.
But if you try you will see 21 spin accurately predicted, something as 1:15.
The FF was set for very late prediction which of course wouldn’t be so good if prediction was set to 5 sec. earlier. With FF on his wheel you can’t have bad prediction even if you want.

Funniest thing is Stefano Hourmouzis claims that he can’t see the ball for ½ of the wheel but at same time he can clock the ball at that are. Anyway he got what he deserved when Bago cracked and spit out the truth about Stefano’s roulette phone computer.

Prediction at roulette leveled wheel is not easy at all.
It can’t be done visually and definitely it can’t be done with stop watch as Stefano Recommends at his RSR site as replacement to use instead of FF.

If someone explains to me how would be possible leveled wheel prediction with stop watch I will give him the FF for fee.

The FF definitely produces the most accurate prediction, and I still say if you do not want to spend time and if you are not roulette enthusiast do not bother about it.
Buying the best hammer in hardware store wouldn’t make you the carpenter.