Roulette tilted wheel and visual prediction

I am avoiding to use FF for last few weeks.
But today coincidently I finished in casinos VIP with some friends.
They played BJ but they are really hopeless they even want to split tens. I rtied to follow 2 shuffles as Eric was explaining and I was amazed with results.
When was next game I played few hands where I thought are high cards and I
did well.

But I mostly played roulette with VB because wheel was slightly tilted.
I was really surprised they let me place very late bets and all dealers had
very constant rotor speed.
I made some money but not much it was only slight tilt and low profile
wheel. For VB I played my system with tune. I was singing “Obla Di Obla Da” to get time.
It was really fun. For rotor i did not have to make any adjustements but i always checked it. Every spin was same speed :slight_smile:
I think I should work more on that system.
If someone is after BJ manual shuffling ask for more info.
BJ simply is not my game.

Even the best ‘card counter’ can only achieve approximately 1% on turnover and that is why most of them supplement their rewards by opting for the casino’s gratuitous reward schemes paid to players who register as rating players. That 1% is the same as having a fish bowl filled with 99 black marbles and 101 white marbles and the whole lot jumbled up… then you bet that you will ‘whilst blind-folded pull out a white marble not a black one’… hhmmm… all that skill in counting just to get to that stage… you have got to be kidding!! Roulette using VB and helped by electronics is the only way to fly!!


I think same but some people made good money on BJ.
Of course I didn’t do it properly, so maybe it was only luck, but the question is if we know where is 50 cards where we have 10 high cards how much advantage it can give. I played only for fun even minimum bet was $50.

VB can be implemented with good results on tilted wheel.
I will explain in development forum how I played. It is very different from any other play but very simple and without much headache. Kelly is VB expert, so maybe he can comment it.