Roulette & Shuffle tracking computers

Hello I’m a Italian boy and I do not speak English well … I apologize.

I wanted to have information on this computer roulette

I hope I never do anything wrong with asking this question.
I wanted to know in addition, in Italy roulette are not inclined, FF works equally according to your opinion?
You had real positive feedback?? payouts in casinos?


I believe it would do the job if it is used by someone who is skilled and know what he is doing.
It is Michel Barnett’s computer for prediction on roulette wheels with dominant ball drop zone.

Hard to comment his BJ part since we do not know anything about it, but it is a bonus so it may be worth trying.

Well at least your reply on this post proves you haven’t died Forester.

I thought you may have died as you don’t appear to reply to any of my PMs or answer any of my questions.

Have I done something wrong ?

I got my refund from PayPal re Mark Howe by the way…

hey i did reply to emails i received,
i was away for a week,
and next week i’ll be away

Well, I think I’ve asked about 3 times about when you think FFZ-U will be available as a chip and never had one reply.

Then i am sorry, last week i was away and thought that i answered to all emails.
I did answer to that question as well but maybe to someone else. Sometimes i do not know who is who on forum and who is who with emails.
I worked on the program, mostly it is done, it works ok.
I need to make only ½ rotor indication and some more testing.
But next week again i will be away. So i do not know when it will be finished.

OK. Thanks for the info. Perhaps you can PM me once its available.
Have a good trip, wherever you may be going !!