Roulette Advantage Play. Legit or scam?

I’ve been researching this Australian company Roultte Advantage Play. And considering their $2500 software system. While their 30 day email program is well written and educational there are some very serious reviews that call this system a scam. Does anyone have real experience with this?

I am thinking about buying this software to. Anyone any experience with this site and software ?

Hello Bagge,

It looks as it is just one of many sites belonging to Steven Hourmouzis.

We don’t follow him any more so we can not tell you if that particular system is a scam, but some years back, yes he made many people very unhappy with his Genuine Winner system and roulette computers. Years back he was also sentenced for 2 years jail, from which he served 3 months.

In between many websites, he also runs Roulette System Reviews site.
Previously he was manipulating public that it is an independent review, but later on, it was discovered that it is his site.

Just search this forum or google for Steven Hourmouzis or Genuine Winner and you will find much information.

Here is a link to recent comments I just found,

Also, he was demonising one of his customers for talking about his system and spreading his full name all over the net, careful which in the case of conflict.

We can not tell you if it is a scam because a few years ago he declared that he would teach people what is written in the Laurence Scott’s book about roulette advantage play so that nobody can call him a scammer any more.

Members of this forum are mostly focused on FF roulette computers, and traditional roulette visual ballistic prediction or VB2 explained here, not very much interested in the other systems.

Good luck with your research!

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It is definitely a scam! I have researched this and also once you get further into the ‘free’ reading material, it starts to lose credibility and can only appeal to people with lower intelligence… it really is insulting. This guy is a criminal. He’s even trying to sell roulette computers on eBay under another guise. And the forum attached to his websites must be owned and controlled by him as you cannot actually post anything independent! I cannot believe this is allowed… please do not hand over any money!!! He’ll be off enjoying his millions while the poor naive individuals lose money trying his system, and if you lose, he will simply say you did not follow it properly…