Ritz win at roulette - greatest gambling scams - video

We all know about the Ritz incident.

Here is a short clip of gambling scams which includes the Ritz team as well.
The famous Rritz roulette team video.

Big-action casino cards games cheat, where the dealers simply pretended to shuffle the cards.

A dye marker for rating casino cards that can only be seen with especial eye lenses then disappears without trace an hour after it’s marked.

A tiny weightless receiver embedded into a roulette ball and controlled by a radio transmitter hidden in a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.


Note to all system players (Ken) See how casinos know that roulette is not beatable (they do know that it’s possible with AP though)


Yea I’ve seen this episode!

It’s good to have this knowledge. Just don’t get too greedy, and become friends with the casino staff. Take the free offers have a good time, make a reasonable amount of money and walk away under the radar.