Ritz Roulette Team

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I have a question. After trying to fing a lot of info the ritz team I can only concluded two things, the laser was used for timing. But i have found in two sources that the professor that built the machine managed to sucessfully eliminate 31 out of the 37 numbers, just leaving 6 possible numbers that could arise (not sure about the prediction accurcary or hit rate) does anyone have any thoughts on how we could go about this, i only post this as no one else seems to have.

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Believe only 10% of what you read when it comes to gaming stories.

Casinos will lie through there teeth to cover their asses.

Such big winnings as they made are only possible if they are clean.
Imagine winning big at one place, then at the other then again, then winning again and they catch you cheating. What would all the other casinos do?

If you play clean all they can do is to ban you.

managed to successfully eliminate 31 out of the 37
That is ridicules but anyway it is pointless

If I make FF system that predicts 100% people who were involved with huge wins wouldn’t touch it.

As always the medium always create a glamor picture of everything. If look at show “Greatest gambling scams” about the ritz it seems to be just walk up to the table and start winning. Easier than withdrawn money from an atm. When i first came across roulette computers in the year 2006, i seriously thought that a r-computer could predict the outcome to 100%.