Rigging the wheels;magnetic fields&ball tripping

hi guys

recently ı was searching the ways that casinos handle for countermeasures against roulette players (ı think especially for the visual trackers)

here are the links and ıf any of you have opinions and experiences with this issue ım pleased hear that

I don’t believe any of that. For example there is no point making 0/00 to come more often since the players can bet on them. All described maybe is used 40 years ago but not these days. If there is a cheating it has to be in a more advanced way. In one small casino I played for 2 weeks winning every time. Last night the ball jumped out of the wheel, they checked the ball with magnetic compass and it turned the needle so they replaced the ball. New ball was different size. After few hours I suffered one of greatest losses, the ball simply never wanted to stop on the sector I played. On the end I noticed the first ball is still in use and I didn’t notice it before.

It must be that it is replaced when I had 5 min brake to go to rest rooms which makes it a bit more suspicious. At that time I wasn’t able to detect it with RC because the drop moment of the ball was still similar and the RC didn’t have additional features as it has now. The only logical explanation for that is that they somehow can electrostatically charge pockets with positive charge same as ball so they repel each other, however it still could be that the ball was electrostatically charged on the carpet and the rest is just a coincidence.

forester thanx for the reply. so you say that because of ball electrostatically charged, its scatter pattern had changed??

Not really, only give a possibilities to it.
Say you play 6 pocket sector. You can expect with normal play to win every 6 spins. Let’s say with advantage you win in average every 5 spins. So in 50 spins you should win 10 times, but you win only ones and the ball stops 30 times + or - 3 pockets from numbers you played. For that is a same chance as playing 30 x red but the black comes 29 times.