Review of cruise with Pacific Don to New Caledonia and Vanuatu

I am going on a cruise for few days.

Took a nice room with balcony, hope they have and good roulette wheel so I get kind of a discount :-X.

Be back in 9 days.


But most of all hope that it is smooth sailing and if not then expect very tilted wheels.



They say a storm is coming :’(

I am more interesting in explaining casino on the ship ill touch and some other parts.
On the ship were 2010 passengers and 780 people working to provide food entertainment and everything required. So the service entertainment and food were at the top level. Dancers, singers, magician, laser shows, karaoke, library, gym, classes, everything was included. Each time we moved out form room the room was cleaned again. I assume they can have so much stuff since most people in service are form less developed countries.

Food was good and without limits. Drinks were not included , considering they have no tax on alcohol drinks were not cheap, Beer bottle $7 and reasonable vine $65, well they have to make money on something.
Casino, it looked nice and it was open only while ship is moving , due to some regulations it couldn’t work while the ship is in port. They had 2 roulette tables but with 0 and 00 American style. I didn’t take it so important at start. First day at the see we were in a big storm of course I went to see the situation.
The ship was 250m long and 50 m wide and it was moving a lot from side to side. I assume the wind was strong form side so it was more tilted towards one side and the ball was hitting one side of the wheel. But they positioned horizontal diamonds towards sides of the ship so the ball was hitting them making many spinners. The ball was large in size and bouncing a lot across Huxley rotor. Since the table was only $2 chips I played a bit to see what is happening. For my surprise I found myself completely incompetent for the American numbers order.
I tried to see and remember 3 pockets where I expect the ball to drop but since it wasn’t the order of numbers I use to I had problem placing chips fast enough on the table. Next time they used smaller ball scatter was better but few spins the ball may hit DD and next few spins it could be any, still including many spinners since most of the time the ball ends on one of horizontal diamonds.
When we talk about tilt in usual we observe tilted wheel with 1mm difference from side to side where group of ball speeds hitting one DD. But in this case it could be 10mm difference so it could easily make the ball to drop few rotations earlier. Something as that of course wouldn’t match VB predictions. Most of dealers were spinning rotor fast but some were Ok. I couldn’t see clear advantage but perhaps I would be still trying looking for opportunities, with small amounts if I wasn’t frustrated with different order of numbers. Also I was traveling with friends and I couldn’t leave them for long since the conditions in casino were not worth arguing ;).

I played a poker tournament (not my field) and took third place, I learned 2 Aces can’t bit Straight >:(.
Looked black jack tables, they had complicated way of shuffling other way I would try. My friend from Alice Springs played one night, doubled money but it was luck, she was doubling on 14, splitting 10s etc… :o but still winning (all drunk).

We stopped on a small island here (Lifou) and I went for swim. Suddenly something hit and bites my foot. I took a record in swimming back to the shore. I looked foot it had 2 holes from bite and I was really worried so I went back to the ship. They do not have sharks or crocodiles but they have sea snakes. They told me it could be bad. Not sure what it was but it did’ t get worst. I am still ok :D.

No this is not casino I wanted, in Caledonia that’s a fruit market.

Wow, 2 aces beats a straight? Someone got hustled! hahaha.

I played a poker tournament (not my field) and took third place, I learned 2 Aces can’t bit Straight >:(.

Fixed :-*