RE: Forcing A Dominant Drop off Point

I recently wondered why dealers and Pitt bosses NEVER allow any player to touch the glass that separates the roulette wheel from the players.

I recently tried an experiment. I stood next to a roulette wheel of one of my favorite experiment casinos and pretended to be a casual bystander.

Instead, what I was really doing was the following- - -toward the end of a spin, I would take my knee and press it up against the supporting device that holds up the roulette wheel.

The results were that I was able to create a dominant drop point diamond by simply pressing my knee up against the lower part of the supporting device that holds up the roulette wheel while standing.

What I found out are 3 things about forcing a dominant drop point.

  1. I do not need to know the balls point of release or ball speed since I all ready know exactly where the ball will fall.

  2. By simply measuring the speed of the rotor, that based on certain rotor speeds combined with a dominant drop point - - - I AM ABLE TO PREDICT WHAT HALF OF THE WHEEL THE BALL WILL FALL. - - -I DON’T EVEN NEED TO KNOW WHEN THE BALL WILL FALL SINCE I all ready confirmed in advance what sectors of the wheel the ball will end up based on certain conditions.

  3. I have time to bet 18 inside neighboring numbers- - - because it only takes less than 3 seconds to calculate the correct speed of the wheel. That leaves about 12 seconds to place 18 neighboring numbers which is plenty of time.

So all I need to figure out in advance is

a) That by simply leaning on the lower part of the supporting device that hold up the wheel, applying the same amount of pressure every time and

b) Combining the right wheel speed

I will be able to determine what 1/2 of the wheel the ball will fall.
What’s nice is, if I am lucky enough to get the first chair right next to the wheel, I can do everything sitting down - - - by simply applying just enough pressure to the supporting table holding the roulette wheel- - - to cause a dominant drop diamond effect.

The casinos don’t seem to concerned with someone applying pressure on the roulette supporting table - – as long as you don’t try it right in front of their faces while standing and placing your hands on the separating glass. BECAUSE IF YOU TRY IT - - THEY WILL POLITELY ASK YOU TO REMOVE YOUR HANDS FROM THE SEPERATING GLASS.

I do believe that once more and more casinos get hit by these chain of events, and start to wonder how certain players never loose- - - will slowly start to catch on— and will eventually not allow any player within a foot from the supporting devices that holds up the roulette wheels.

The bottom line is 2 things

  1. that by applying pressure on the supporting device that holds up a roulette wheel before the end of the spin will affect the outcome of where the ball lands.

  2. It may not necessarily produce a dominant diamond drop effect since that takes a little practice to figure out the correct pressure point and application necessary to produce such an effect.

CHEERS :wink:

Yes and that is why during the game when more people applying pressure on the table conditions may change. With enough of tilt much earlier prediction is possible, especially if the rotor is slow. For example if the rotor is 10 pockets per sec. If you predicting when the ball is 0.6 sec, or if you predict one rotation earlier it is about 0.5s or one later it would be 0.7 so if you start within any of those 3 rotations you may be wrong by -5 to + 7 pockets because the prediction is related only to rotor movement.