Procedure to design and to test E2 system

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Very good! this method is perfect! Wondering why don’t you include it with visual prediction. After all your visual system is more great theory then system and is not worth much without good explanation as this one. Anyway, that is my opinion.

It was my little secret.
I prefer customers who could understand. Most that bought E2 asked me for explanation. Now I am step ahead so here we go, theory is publicly explained.
Maybe you are right, I was more concerned that someone does not make same device.
Now I am not worried because it is not easy to make it so accurate and with so low price.
Recently had news that similar unit was for sale in London but with much higher price.
In addition, some are trying to set mobile phone to do it.
I have nothing against it and I would help anybody who wants to make his own device based on my theory.


Hi Forester, I did some further testing… since I can’t find a longer
vibration than 3sec I had to continue testing the method of distance
travelled in time -----> remaining distance… What I did is I started at
the last ref point (zero ball intersection) then the second last, then third
last etc… I noticed that the ball travels every intersection later in time
7 numbers less than if I would had started on the previous intersection…
What can we draw from this is that if the ball does 74 pockets in 3sec and
if it does 81 or 67 or 60 pockets in 3 seconds it should always land in the
same sector… furthermore if it travels 77,84,71 or 64 pockets in 3sec the
opposite of that sector should occur… this is about 3 pockets change in
distance travelled in 3 sec, so if I am slightly off by 3 numbers when
clocking my prediction will be worthless because 1 pocket change represents
about 5 numbers… Due to human error this more simpler method is worthless
unless there is somone that can see difference of 3 pockets…

About your method I thought if I make the same mistake of 3 numbers, instad
of seeing zero and not having to multiply the angle 3 times I lets say see
19, this makes an angle of 30 degrees, multiplied by 3 makes 90 degrees
angle that would be caused by human error in timing… and when starting as
early as 16 seconds it is easy to miss few numbers at start and at the
end… then the error is multiplied by 3… conclusion to this would be that
when being 3 numbers early or late the error will be 90 degrees… two
times smaller than with the more simpler method that I tested

Regards Al

Yes you are correct that is why i did not want to go for higher
multiplication then 3. When you play you will be ok. You will not have
errors that kind. Because you will notice that trust me :-).
If you try to start on zero and you start on 19 it is not problem at all
just use 19 for calculation. And still you can easy follow by eyes 19 it is
close to zero.
You can start on any number it will always point same. So better focus to be
in working area and start with any number. I chose numbers around zero only
because it is easy to notice because of different color.
You will create more error in adding angles. Like 60 deg +60 + 60 =180 but
when you do it fast it might look as 50 or 70. Still it is close enough. Now
imagine if you need accurately to clock ball for single revolution. Really
it is imposable.
What you can do with you mobile is to use start of vibration then wait next
vibration and wait for one more or for the end of vibration. That can make
more time.
If you have about 6.5 sec time then you are close to multiplication by 2.
And that is my E1 system. Theoretically it is more accurate but E2 is more
practical. If you use 6.5 sec you do not have enough wide gap. Do not
forget working area of linearity.

Hi Forester,
I think I understand the system now, it’s really amazing how you’ve managed
to develope it yourself…
However I wanted to ask if you earn your living of this, and if so why do
you share your system ?

(I hate to ask uncomfortable questions like these but now that I understand
the idea of your system I am pretty convinced that your device works and
gains an edge so I wonder why you didn’t keep it a secret instead)

Regards AL

Do not worry, you are not the only one asked me that.
System is developed without any influence from others.
It is based on dealer’s signature, so I only used my engineering skills to find way to detect changes in ball and wheel speed. When I look back it is funny that took me long time to realize that I do not have to start with dealer but I can start any time. That gives me flexibility to play with any dealer. He can spin the ball hard as much as he wants. System grows in steps. As you know, now is E3. Therefore, there was few small and few big steps in improvements. For me main technical improvement was with introducing microprocessor. Previous device was not so stable and accurate. It took me while to realize it. I could not understand why offset starts changing after while.
The reason was sweating around switch, changes resistance and effects timing of device because it was analogue design.

I use to spend much time in casino playing, not always winning I was also learning.
Before I did not have so accurate device but I still had higher advantage. It changed when all balls have been replaced with new ones that bounce intensively.
Now we are fighting with much tighter limits and advantage that I can have is not as great as before. I played a lot and I have seen a lot.
Example, One man (we are from same country) lost about $80 000 within 3 months
(mostly black jack).
He signed papers that casino must stop him even if he wants to play . He visualized himself coming in casino with chainsaw and cutting all tables. In addition, many stories as that one. In one occasion in Melbourne, new casino I found man in toilet cut his vanes.
Oh, that was not on the news, it was how police rescued a cat stacked in pipe.
When I was practicing to design web pages, I did not know what to put as constance.
Therefore, roulette comes to my mind.
For years my visual system was free, I thought well if someone use my visual system, at least he has some chance to get advantage. It was quiet, only few people inquired.
I had free web hosting and I was giving away system. I improved it slightly so I start selling it and that caught attention. However, opinion was that system is not good enough and that probably I cannot afford domain name and hosting.
Eh, people.
I am not professional gambler. I do not make living of roulette, but I make some extra money from roulette. I run business I am much in electronics and satellites.
Why I do not go for more in gambling? I think if I go for more that, I only go for more trouble. Where is the limit? As I said once before I was playing and wining, more but I think I stopped on time. I played many places. We all are different, some go for maximum some not. Even now when I play I do not play the best but, balanced in between easiest and the best way. I know that it can be better but I still play same way.
I tried few times E3 but I am not sure if I will use it. It requires more focusing and more wheel observation. I will probably continue with E2. I am use to it. If someone looks from side would never think that I play that way because I look wheel only for one sec. on start, with peripheral vision I see the end. I hope this answers your question and questions of many others. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: 8) :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

What is the process of finding and adjusting the multiplication factor?
Should I reverse a spin take timing at 16 to ball drop and the timing 6,5
seconds later at 9,5sec to ball drop and compare how much more the ball
travelled there compared to 6,5 seconds later , then devide the the bigger
figure by the smaller on , or how do you do it?

start at 18 do that ball crosses 2 wheel rotations 74 pockets .
then go to 18-6.5 and see how many pockets ball will make in same time as it took for 74, if it is 37 then multiplication is by 2.
If it is 40 then factor = 74 / (74 - 40)
factor = (change at start) / ((change at start)-(change at the end))

example E2 factor = 90 / (90-60)= 90/30=3

Please be careful with that spins, they are on wheel with much higher deceleration then wheels used in most casinos.
The best would be to take video of the wheel that you going to play on.
I tried to email you Huxley wheel spins but it is to large file.
See how you go, if you do not find anything better i will load it to my server so you can download file.

Hi Forseter, thanks for the device :)) I am planning to do some testing
over the next few days… I wonder should I start using E2 or E3… I am
surprised how convenient it is to use, because the electro impulse is not
too strong but still strong enough to be felt and letting go a switch that
is pressed already seems alot more accurate than pressing one… however I
am thinking weather to press the switch with my toe or to pass it through a
hole in my pocket and operate it with my left hand… Question: Does the
time of 4.2 seconds change slightly when using E3? and what does the second
press achieve exactly (I know its for accuracy, but what happens in the

Regards Al

Well better, try E3 from start. For me is hard because i am use to E2.
Yes E3 adjust the time according charts at
How you going to use switch i do not know i press with toe but you do as it suits you.
Thanks to Vito i changed design and i use those golden plates instead of conductive strap. I also found it better and it is easier for me to use. If pulses are to week or to sharp, put some cream on skin. Ii found out that some devices i did not do Velcro strap good way, if it is uncomfortable place something in-between skin and strap.
If you want to press by hand, i would make different switch, magnetic only small magnet attached to skin.
Take care

Hi Forester, I just came back from the table…It was very late and I had
just 30min to play… I went to play in a restaurant that has two tables…
very bad odds of 30:1 but no survailance and loose security… since I am
testing I bought in for 10euro 0.50 cent chips, I played on outside betts
the first few spins, then other people joined and I stopped betting to find
the offset… (they dont change dirrections so its easier) first offset was
+120deg I hit, then wheel speed was changed and next offset was 0 or 180…
I played the 180 and hit was left with 64 chips so I decided to play the 4
and keep the 60… I predicted 0 and added the offset of 180… however
this time the outcome was 32… and I had covered the opposite sector… I
kept that in mind and watched the last 3 spins for the night, and the 0 deg
sector came up 2 times once 12 and once 15… I had trippeled the ammont i
started with… I know this is probably due to good luck because in all I
had played about 20 spins… I am going to do further (more serious ) real
life testing and keep you well informed on my results (good or bad) … the
only problem was the toe switch… I have a very difficult time walking with
it and operating it… I can start reporting these results on GG… only if
you want to…
Have you been playing?

Not bad for start.
Most important is that you understand.
Next time will be easier. You will have two offsets on opposite sides. One will be more often. There is not much that we can do about it.
I do not have problem walking with switch at all.
I place it on top of toe. Use thin socks and shoes with space.
Do you use larger switch or smaller?
No, i did not play this weekend, i am very busy this days. I do not know about GG forum and i do not care any more. Most of my posts have been misinterpreted or manipulated. Same as posts from other users of my system. So do not worry to much except if you want to make Mark insane. If you did not know, Mark is moderator of GG. If you decide to write, it is welcome to write whatever you feel.
That is why i published theory at my forum, so who understands it, will not worry what are the comments of competitors. Within 3 days I had almost 300 downloads of visual system, but I did mistake I should publish theory before that. Therefore, if you write I will appreciate if you state that theory is fully explained.

LOL, funny… Forester you should not bother and waste your precious time
with idiots… I am now writing a post on GG about your device (my nick is
xxx) … What I don’t still understand is why u sell this device… it is
worth much more, because it actually works! ´Sorry to ask you but how many units do you plan to sell in total? How many does u have in Scandinavia? Why not consider making a team, and planning several bigger hits? (If I keep on winning I would like to send you some more money for the support you offered me)

Thanks for the post, it will annoy Mark lol.
Look all i said on my page is true. When i started i started for fun.
Device does not cost me much to build so it is ok. If someone tells you that you can easy win, he is not telling true.
As you can understand most of the work is up to you.
Before I had very high advantage, but when casinos here replaced balls, it is not so high. I sold about 30 units and maybe i will sell 50 all together. In addition, about 200 visual systems.
Until now never anybody complained for any. Sometimes i ask my self same question, but by doing it i also learn and get some ideas.
You are playing on cheap wheel, maybe and wheel is old, maybe you would be better of if you remove small link from box.
Old wheels have higher deceleration so and time needed that ball slows down is smaller. Do not worry for paying extra money, i did not do it for xxx euros anyway, it is more satisfaction that counts.
I am not big player i do not play big maybe, someone would take opportunity of that better then me. I work other very profitable things In usual i almost never think that i go to casino. Not in my blood to gamble and after while it become boring. About three years ago, i did go more often but i was winning much more then. So much that i took much attention. I stopped playing for few months completely. That is why i go maybe once a month. If I did not definitely, i would be in trouble. When i go other places i play more. I would never play it in USA, just worried for life over there. Europe and Australia are ok. Would not be much harm even if caught. I would say it is acupuncture for headache lol.
There are few people that desperately trying to get my real name. I do not mind to publish it if i do not play. But i do and i like to keep it that

Hello everybody,
Marry Christmas And happy New Year.
I wish you great holydays and many wonderful surprises in 2007.

Last year for Christmas I publish E2 theory with lot of explanations.
For some that was useful, many tried to build more on top of bases.

This year I publish block diagram of roulette computer for leveled and tilted wheel where wheel and ball are clocked separately.
The strongest part is accuracy in ball speed detection, better then 10ms error, based on average clocking. However that is not the only problem, therefore the system has space for additional improvements.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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there was somewhere video as well

Here’s the post where E2 is explained on video,460.0.html