OLD FFZ testing

For the 1st time I tested the legendery FFZ. ;D


Jafco 2 pin wheel
after 7 spins(for the FFZ to learn wheel paramiters) in the 8th spin I did ps.
after that the 95% of the spins were deadly accurate!
When the ball was hitting the 12 DD the strike point prediction was perfect.
when the ball was hitting the 3 DD the prediction was again perfect
when the ball was hitting the 3 DD with bad speed(so the prediction wouldn t match) the FFZ was giving me E4 with No prediction.

Bob Gordon tilted wheel

After with 6 spins the 90% of predictions of the strike point were perfectly accurate without even do PS.

Streve leveled wheel

after 6 spins and doing ofset for the strike point prediction the resaults were amazing for a Leveled wheel prediction.
I got so exited that I added the 9 poskets average scatter and the FFZ in 20 spins it predicted 2 spins SPOT ONs and 2 spins 1 pocket far from prediction and 1 spin 3 pockets far…

Bob Gordons leveled wheel

here the predictions wren t so good
the 50% were ok but the other 50% were oposite.

I think that Forester shouldn t stop making old FFZs :smiley:

New one is better.

Problem with BG level spins is that wheel has a strong tilt.

Sorry if this sounds a bit stupid.

We get tilted wheels (1 pin)

We get semi-tilted wheels (2 pin and 3 pin)

We get level wheels.

Now we might think a wheel is semi-level but it might be level right? Like two - three pins might be more dominant but the wheel might not be tilted.

My question is this. If I use the new FFV/FFZ and use the software for level wheel, what hapens if it is a tilted wheel?

What program would I use (Level wheel or tilted) if a wheel has say 2-3 diamonds more dominant? Is the tilted program strictly for 1 pin games?

I appreciate your help! :wink:


That may need a lot of writing but I’ll try to be short.

There is no such thing as something for 1 for 2 pin or for 3 pin .

On tilted wheel normal is that ball doesn’t hit just one diamond 100%.
It may hit all 4 but some may get more hits some less.

We always predict as one pin, there is no VB system or RC that does anything special for most dominant 2 or 3 pins.

If you read thread about Jafcos system and if you take my words seriously then you will understand that 2-3 pin it is actually misinterpreted. He claims his system predicts 1,2,3 pins (diamonds) and many people just swallowed it when in fact all he does is trying to estimate particular revolution.
He does it for 1 pin , he does same for 2 pins he does same for 3 pins, no difference.

He watches the wheel and try to identify when the ball is at particular speed to be in a particular ball rotation to the end of spin, compared to LS method there is no difference, only LS uses cross pattern to help him to identify particular ball rotation (moment in spin) more accurately, not just estimating it. After that there is no difference. Remaining is up to the wheel and rotor speed.

In the thread I explained why with any prediction if ball hits other diamond we still may have advantage (slow rotor ) and when it will not be hit with advantage. It is 50-50 chance but losing 50% others did not see and completely not shown and explained by Jafco.

There is tilted wheel prediction where we know in which ball rotation we are and calculate reaming time form that moment assuming that the ball will drop at our dominant diamond. Even that is not an easy task. If ball is not hitting our DD 100% we accept it more hits we get it is better for us.

Levelled wheel play is completely different. We expect ball drops at all diamonds about equally. So we have to predict not only remaining ball rotations but and different ball drop point.

Tilted wheel
1000ms ball goes 6 rotations
1050ms ball goes 6 rotations
1100ms ball goes 6 rotations
1150ms ball goes 5 rotations (point set PS, somewhere I between 1100and 1150ms)

Levelled wheel
1000ms ball goes 6 rotations
1050ms ball goes 5.75 rotations
1100ms ball goes 5.5rotations
1150ms ball goes 5.25 rotations

Thanx for the explanations mate.

I’m still unclear though about the following.

If we use FFV (new) and we have to decide what program to use for a wheel. How do we then know if a wheel is tilted or not. I thought I did by just recording 10 spins per direction and if I have like 4/10 per direction or at least one direction it’s tilted. Now though I’m not sure about that.

The way it has been described here I would almost think that most wheels around has got a degree of tilt.


4/10 may be just start to look in to that wheel more.
In usual once you find one, every time you notice same DD, so you know.
Until one day you come perhaps play and you realise DD is gone.

4/10 may not be enough, people say I know, I can, but when faced even with much stronger tilt they can’t.
If diamond next to it also gets 3-4/10 then it helps a bit, for 4/10 FF with PS will help because it will make it 4/8 or 4/7.

And here comes again the BIG argument of Me and Forester about the 2 pin hame ;D

Forester know exactly with Ms how we can take advantage of the 2nd pin(4 revs or 3.25 or 5 revs or 4.25 will have the same betting position if the rotor speed is ok) but he can t do it in action with VB because he can t spot when the ball is faster or slower than out aim rev.

In fact it isn t a hard thing to do! And this the WHY I told him that all this time he descourage me about it.

A vb player when he has to face a wheel that the ball hits 4 of 10 in 1 pin and 4 of 10 in the other pin(and 2 of 10 in an other pin)he just do this:

he obsearve the REVS to find a particular speed that Hits the 1 pin.
While he is obsearving he will see that when the right moment comes…the ball didn t had the right decleration(to hit the pin) but the ball was a little bit faster. So when he realise this he is waiting for 1 more rev to pass and he make then the prediction!
Because IF the wheel is tileted in the 2 pins,he knows that NOW that the ball is FASTER the ball is more luckily to pass the aim pin and go for the next 1(that is tilted also!!!)
so the bet position will be again in an advantge position.

Some ppl can do it…some ppl can t!
But the ppl that can t,it is not appropriete to tell to the others that it can t be done!

Other VB players ,when they realise that NOW the ball is a little faster,they just DON T bet(like Caleb)! because they know that the ball will not land on their aim pin,because ball was a littl;e faster…this is also advantage…but they are losing a big chance to win!

Forester just can t understand that with the 2 pin game the aim is becoming BIGGER! So it is more easy to be hitted!

Now forester will come and replay once again that human s eye can t detect that Ms deference… ;D
This is mistake,because some ppl do it and very succesfully :slight_smile:

ps.A good RC will have better accurasy and this is natural because computer calculations are better than eye judjement.
If you will take a look at my 1st post you will all see that the FFZ managed to take the BEST accurasy advantage of the 2 pin game.
I always like to congrajulate the systems that work nice :slight_smile:

PPL take cover!!! Forester reply is COMING!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Viper, you just wrote you are aiming for one pin that is what everybody does.
If ball hits ¾ earlier you are still within area same as anybody else, it has nothing to do with higher precision.

Forester clocked more spins then you’ve seen, if you didn’t notice FFZ old program was always predicting in same ball rotation, 90% of time I could guess on which click the system will predict. You were not even here when FFA was also dividing rotations in to 3 parts, A,B,C I could even spot will the FFA say A or B or C. After so many clocked roulette spins, of course I developed such sense better than anybody else.

Doing it at home and doing same in casino has difference from earth to sky. In 10 minutes, you lose timing, faster rotor makes ball look as it is going faster, and noise annoys you, pressure.

I made video spins for you to show us your skills, you run away saying I somehow manipulated spins. Strange, since the other people predicted them.

You can’t compare your sitting at home and predicting DVD spins where you know results and real casino play.

No I am not going to argue with you. I stopped arguing even with people who claim that they win roulette with math.

Let it be you can , and we can’t. Be happy.

“”“I made video spins for you to show us your skills, you run away saying I somehow manipulated spins. Strange, since the other people predicted them. “””

I would never gona show my skills ina wheel that has oil in the ball track :wink:

The other ppl made predictions,because they didn t know about it…and do u think that HIGH professionals like 2 ppl that made predictions in that wheel would ever be so inacurate? :o

NO they were so inacurate because the wheel wasn t ok. Caleb and Lawrence Scot are missing a Rev (espessially with so much tilt) 1 in 15 spins.!

But u just can t forget about past!
Even if the past isn t good for u…u just can t forget it.

FFV that is very accurate was giving me 3-4 deferent predictions IN THE SAME SPIN in this Video!!! in everyyyyy SPIN!!!.. :o
U can imagine now how oily it was :stuck_out_tongue:

ps.I never wanted to post these things in ur site for all to see…but u gave me no choise now. :frowning:

Also in that same wheel in all other 5 videos the 4th rev decleration was so brutal that I could find it 100% of the times…and when the ball wasn t hitting the 12 DD i could also see that,because the speed of the ball was completelly deferent.

But in this chalenge video the same wheel had nothing to do with the original condition of the wheel

the Pll that know some VB when they will look at both videos of the SAME wheel they will imediatelly see that

I am a man that I like justice…and when something is Good I say that it is Good…but when something is bad I like to say that it is Bad.
This is the reason why I have posted 1000 times that FFs are ok…because they are ok!
I think that u remember my absolutely NICE FFV - U review (that u have posted it in ur shop section of ur site)
Also the Videos that I made wit the FFA.
When something is OK then is OK…when something is not OK then it is NOT OK.

Video spins are video spins, you can predict them or not.
Laurance Scott predict them well , he had offset shift but that’s normal since he couldn’t readjust, what did you expect, that with VB he will have all hits within 3 pockets as you believe you can. Laurance is happy with results and I believe he should be.
This is what he said:

Here were my results:

Direct hit: 0 hits (-100% edge)
3 number edge: (+1/-1) 2 hits (26.3%)
5 number edge: (+2/-2) 4 hits (51.6%)
9 number edge: (+4/-4) 9 hits (89.5%)
19 number edge: (+9/-9) 14 hits: (89.5%)

Two of my 19 number hits were right on the +9/-9 border. If I throw one out, 13 out of 19 was my “true” 1/2 wheel success rate:
1/2 wheel hit rate (18 numbers): 13 out of 19 = 68.4% (36.8% edge)
Too bad you don’t find many of these wheels in actual play.
Thanks, Forester.

Snowman, was only joking and predicted numbers opposite of LS.

Manuel predict them also with slight offset shift but he still got predictions grouped, Security man predict them very well. Other 2 guys (I do not know who they are), one claimed that I missed one extra point for him, and probably it’s truth.

Dominant diamond was getting probably 8-9 out of 10 hits, hardly that you can find such good conditions in casino, we all want it, only you are complaining.

I do not know what you were doing with ffv, Manuel used ffa same as securityman, they did it well.
FFV program you have is designed for earlier predictions and slower rotors, if you were predicting later in spin because you couldn’t adjust PS you may experience such problems. But you should use your VB skills, and predict 3-4 rotations before then ball drops. Track wasn’t oily , I did not clean wheel for more than 6 months, perhaps if you said dusty you may be right. If the track was oily-polished as you claim it will be oily in every spin for prediction and for everybody would be same.

There is something that you do not understand, if you believe me ask snownan, he is the guy who worked as maintenance guy for casino repairing wheels and I discussed this with him.

When wheel is dusty ball goes for longer, when I polish it when ball just pass 1000ms per rotation it decelerates rapidly. I hope you do not expect me to polish wheel every 30 min so you can be able to predict.

I expect you to polish it every time you are testing your FFA ;D

And every time you are making a chalenge video,just let it be dusty :stuck_out_tongue:

I will not go throwgh this conversation again…My opinion the same that it was…

Lets keep this forum clean.

Don’t you think it is embarrassing to claim" I can" then when is time to prove it to run away with excuses, then find out that other people can what you cluldn’t?

Sorry man, I only spun the ball.

I really can t belive that you are continuing with this.
I have already told you that I would never make predictions in a manipulated wheel.
And the other ppl had bad predictions in such a tilted wheel…espessialy when we are talking about Hi Pros.

The wheel was manipulated. END OF STORY.

LS was impressed so ill follow him as he is the HI PRO here , 38% edge aint bad

Hey hold on ,i won that contest ,I wonder what my edge was

lets just say the wheel was manipulated …

firstly what would foresters point be as it was just a bit of fun,
secondly and no-one on earth can twist this around and thats this .It was quite simply same conditions for all how took part in the FUN contest.

lets just agree here,IT was a mannipulated wheel where i manged to achive much greater results thatn LS. in a contest that YOU dint enter but LS did He LOST i WON

He used his VB slills and I used the FF roulett computer

whats is good in all this that all who took part did nt make one single complaint ,ooooops ok loosing the orinal dvd dint help…

I once had a mate who complained on my behalf ,nice of him but NO NEED,my soup could have been warmer ,but was so delicious as it was i declined to say anything,but you know what he stood uop and made such a fuss which cleary HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM,ranting and raving for ages that my suop was cold,eventually the bar staff repeatedly asked me was every ting ok sir ,yes its fine now shut TFU:::: just STFU i said to him its got nothing to do with you,

hope you get the message

yes I got the message

“He used his VB slills and I used the FF roulett computer”

Nice promostion for the FF!


You do not have to be silly. Securityman , and Manuel used FFA, you used FFV obviously wrongly. Read instructions when and how to use it.

I think i said spins were for you to predict it with your VB skills to show us how accurately you can identify particular ball rotation.

Viper there is nothing of empty talks without prove.
People with skill dream about wheel as that and you claim it is imposiable to predict it.

But keep goint, tell us more how you have skill to predict which dimond the ball will hit.

“”“you used FFV obviously wrongly. Read instructions when and how to use it.”""

Hahahah! Man you should go to a doctor imidiatelly!

If I really do not know how to use the FFV U…then DELETE NOW the NICE review of the FFV U that I made and you used itr to promote it!

I don t know how to use it…so the review test was NOT valid!

Man really…u are trying to say things to make ur position better but instead of that u are making ur position even WORST!

Its like the fly that is trying to get away from the spiders net …but the more it moves…them more is getting stick on it.

Stop replying in my posts because u are making ur self look even worst!
I tryed to protect U by keeping all these confidential….but U didn t like like it!

This was the last post that I did in ur forum…
The next post will be when I will test an other(new) VB or RC and I will make a review of it for the members to know
For me this is a site where ppl should know what is good and what is bad.

Ah ok, let me put it together, so I published spins that people dream to find in casino.

You claimed that it is unpredictable.
But they predict it,

Now you claim you couldn’t predict it with FFV that is why you didn’t want to show us your visual prediction skills.

If you understand FFV you would also understand that it is designed for very early predictions and slow rotor, if you were predicting as you should there is no way results can be predicted every time differently, and you will have equal or better results to VB. On top of that spins didn’t have last few rotations, so you couldn’t see final results and know that it is wrong.
If you tested FFV on one kind of spins at some time and got good results it doesn’t mean that you know how to use it in all conditions.

Hey but if you believed that you couldn’t predict spins with VB or with FFV what can I say.

At least shut up and learn from people who can and who proved that they can.

Viper, you are really pain in ace, made me work for nothing.

I took FFZ to see if there is anything wrong with spins.
I set FFZ to unlimited,
Made set on first spin,
Made point set at spin where ball did not hit DD
This is what I got.

-7 x
-3 x
-2 xx
-1 x
0 xxx
1 xx
4 xx

Plus one NDH predicted as NDH,

Considering that i just come back form club after 5-6 bourbons, i can’t complain.
Predictions were in any ball rotations.

Securityman did you make set up on first spin or some others? And did you use PS?
you have had almost all no dimond hits avoided?