Newbie with lots of questions

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and have been reading for about 2 or 3 days now off and on.
I have been researching roulette methods for a few months now and the internet is FLOODED with info and systems but I do believe VB and prediction (physics) are the only legitimate methods to beat roulette. The rest are BS methods or probability statistics that will eventually make you lose.

I am mainly interested in VB since I cannot afford a RC and I believe they cannot be used in the US anyways.

Forester: how can I gain access to the [email protected] forum section? I have printed and read your VB2 system from myrulet but I dont quite understand and since I know English is not your first language, I have some trouble interpreting your meaning as well.

I have read that some people have access to the GW primordial doc for VB. I do not beleive this is worth $2500 (which I do not have) so I was hoping they might be willing to share.

I just recently learned about tilted and level wheels. How many spins do you need to determine if a wheel is tilted or not? 15? 30? 50?

Just looking for advice and methods to beat RL. Dont want to reinvent the wheel…pun intended. ;D

Also, since I am US player, does anyone know of any online casino that offers live RL for US players? I dont trust RNG for RL, no real ball…no real physics. My location is far from any land casinos and my only other option is casino boats but they usually only have 1 or 2 wheels and I doubt I could get lucky and they be tilted. (Which I believe is needed in order to use VB accurately/correctly).

Thx in advance for any help/advice


in order to read the GW u u find it on Bago s site.

yes in VB u need a tilted weel…its a must!

1st u must read Laurence scot system and then read Jafco s system to learn how u can take the best possible way advantage on 2 pin game .

but reading isn t enough when we speak about VB.

U must spend a lot of hours on video spins 1st.because ther u can rewind the spin and see what was wrong with ur prediction or the reason u won.
then u need a lot of hours to to test in a real casino.