New visual ballistic method for 3K

I find this new site where he sell a visual ballistic system for 3K
Will chat with him and see what he has to say.


Ops i forgot to post the link:


:slight_smile: Mine friend tested this guy. And that fly to the moon show very pure results :slight_smile:

:smiley: well… ummm… I have a few queries here. He says he will show you when the zero will hit and then you only bet on that. LS, doesnt scatter effect his predictions? I mean betting 3 numbers with 90% hit rate sounds way over the top. If we had a rc that could do half that consistantly we would all be rich. Alot of money for exagerated claims. Would love to see his methodology though :slight_smile: I guess curiosity is a bitch :slight_smile:

Let us me know what this dude says!


His play is is super simple DS, so any new ideas even…

He does not say much about how to play the game.


Not waste time mine friend - super VB player sended him videos - he not predicted any- so at all pure DS

By the way that mine friend detected that this guy - for sure not was dealer :slight_smile: He not knows many things which dealer must know.

I met one ex dealler and pit boss resently… he is retired and became a roulette player. Their knolidge base is limited. Extremely limited l would say.